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Spiking The Drink

28 Jun 2006

This ambient guerrilla campaign was created to raise awareness for drug-rape, unfortunately a common practice that’s part of the nightlife worldwide. Cocktail umbrellas were placed in the drinks of unaware people that weren’t watching their drinks. When they looked back to the booze, they’d find a drug-rape warning to warn them how easy it is to get spiked. Nice work, very catching. A real eye-opener to the party people involved and definitely something they won’t forget that easily. I think this is a very keen way to burst into the attention-span of nightcrawlers. Excellent. Rewarded with Bronze for ‘Outdoor’, and earned every pound of the Lion.

Watch Your Drink

Category: Ambient: Bar & Restaurants
Title: Umbrella
Advertiser: Project Watch Your Drink
Product or Service: Drug-Rape Warning
Advertising Agency: TBWA\London
Country: UK
Creative Director: Tony Mctear/Danny Brooke-Taylor
Copywriter: Dan Gorlov
Art Director: Rachel Le Feuvre
Photographer: Eugenio Franchi
Typographer: Alex Fairman
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Sharon Jackson


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Zombies And Lost Limbs

27 Jun 2006

Remarkable outdoor for Stubbs, the zombie console game, from Auckland. This New Zealandish campaign had parts of the posters shredded off to strengthen the message and illustrate the game atmosphere. I wonder if they actually told the poster-boys to shred off a part of the billboard after they glued it against a wall or billboard space. I can imagine their briefing :) “Yeah, you guys, go around and hang these across town. Then tear away a piece every here and there so it looks like the models in the images lost a limb.” Hah! Brilliantly simple.




Copy: “Limbs Will Be Lost” – Awarded Bronze for Outdoor.

Category: Entertainment & Leisure
Advertiser: Monaco
Product or Service: Stubbs The Zombie Console Game
Advertising Agency, City: Colenso BBDO, Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Creative Director: Richard Maddocks
Copywriter: Steve Cochran
Art Director: Steve Cochran
Photographer: Paul Jones
Typographer: Kate Mitchell
Account Supervisor: Kate Morrison
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Ben Ward
Other Credits: Designer: Simon Redwood

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Dedicated Newspaper

27 Jun 2006

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is a cutting edge newspaper that promotes itself as ‘THE’ source of fresh news. In the active region the island group is (war, guerrilla fighters, Tamil Tigers and natural catastrophes) this implies that the reporters have a profession that incorporates high-risk assignments. In the ad below, the Philippine Daily Inquirer uses one of these (for them more common) facts to illustrate just how far they’re prepared to go to cover ‘an event’, in this case a volcanic eruption. Strong image, strong message. The copy reads: “The Philippines’ most comitted newspaper”, and with a visual like this, that’s an understatement. A well-deserved bronze lion for ‘Outdoor’ came their way.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Category: Publications & Media
Title: Volcanic Ash
Advertiser: Philippine Daily Inquirer
Product or Service: Newspaper
Advertising Agency, City: Ogilvy & Mather Philippines, Makati City
Country: The Philippines
Creative Director: Gavin Simpson
Copywriters: Manny Del Rosario/Sarah Ko
Art Director: Alnair Langkay/Gavin Simpson
Photographer: Alberto Garcia @ Corbis Images
Photographer: Ruben Dela Cruz @ Visual Camp
Account Supervisor: Bunny Aguilar/Caloy Sambrano
Other Credits: Computer Artist: Eloi Aranzamendez

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Tide Stain Remover

27 Jun 2006

Really simple idea, nicely executed and totally to the point. That’s about all you can add to this outdoor for Tide, a Procter & Gamble laundry product. This has got to be about the most obvious approach I’ve seen for any product in this category. It makes its point in the subtle details of the image. Just focus on the breast pocket of the shirt and it’ll all become clear to you. Awarded with a bronze lion, for logical reasons. Funny how reversing things can make the difference. Instead of the ink of a pen that makes stains, it’s the pen-shaped stain remover that makes ‘clean stains’.

Tide - P&G

Category: Household: Cleaning Products
Title: Pocket
Advertiser: Procter & Gamble
Product or Service: Tide-To-Go Instant Stain Remover
Advertising Agency, City: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Country: USA
Creative Directors: Tony Granger/Barbara Boyle/Jan Jacobs/Leo Premutico
Copywriter: Menno Kluin
Art Directors: Michael Schachtner/Julia Neumann
Photographer: Philip Habib
Account Supervisors: Andrea Diquez/Sarah Beaumont/Gus Marmarinos/Beth Galloway

Other Credits:
Art Buyer: Bronwen Gilbert
Digital Artist: Aaron Padin

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Lynx Outdoor

27 Jun 2006

As discussed earlier on this blog, the Lynxjet campaign received the grand-prix in the Media Lions category for best integration of cross-media. Part of that cross-media project are these three outdoor ads that received a bronze lion. Very cute, nothing too special but an essential part of the campaign. Lovely ladies and a good promotion for the concept, without any doubt.

Outdoor Lynx 1

Outdoor Lynx 2

Outdoor Lynx 3

Category: Cosmetics & Beauty
Advertiser: Unilever
Product or Service: Lynx Deodorant
Advertising Agency, City: Lowe Hunt, Sydney
Country: Australia
Creative Director: Adam Lance/Lionel Hunt
Copywriter: Adam Lance/Howard Collinge/Michael Canning
Art Director: Dejan Rasic/Simone Brandse
Photographer: Stephen Stewart
Account Supervisor: Peter Randeria
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Sharon Parker
Other Credits: Electric Art – Retouches

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Classics On Google Video

27 Jun 2006

I’m always in for some Classic or Cult movies. Some old movies have ‘fallen out of copyright’, which means they can be distributed and downloaded for free. Wheeee! Check out these ones on Google Video:

Enough to fill a rainy day! Now where did I leave my monocle?


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Bronze Lion on eBay

26 Jun 2006

Peter from These Days tipped me about the fact that the Mortierbrigade has decided to put the bronze lion they won in Cannes last week on eBay. There’s 2 days left to make it yours.

As the communications agency of eBay in Belgium, we (mortierbrigade, that is) won an award at the prestigious International Advertising Festival in Cannes for a guerrilla campaign for eBay. Check out the campaign here. We thought it would be great to share our prize with the eBay community. So here you go. Place your bets!

Any takers? Check it out on eBay.

FYI, buying the award the official way (through the Cannes people) would make you €813.95 ($1020) lighter. Actual bid at this time is €171.50 ($215).
A bargain, no?


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26 Jun 2006

Totally amazing campaign for Volkswagen Golf, the R32 model. Takes you right back to your childhood and reminds you very much of the cute miniature cars you used to play around with. What these ads say, in fact, is that with the speed the R32 provides, everything you pass will seem much shorter. You’ll be fast as hell. Nice thing to know is that there’s no speed limit on most highways in Germany (where the ads ran). It’s just that, from a certain speed on, your insurance company will stop covering you. But you’re free to take your car to the limit, contrary to all other countries in Europe. The land of ‘Schumi The Weltmeister’ (The F1 race king) is really very tolerant when it comes to speed. That’s why these ads actually make sense in Germany. If they ran the ads in Belgium, where speed is limited to 120 km/h (75 mph), the cars on the images below should have been 30% longer. :) – Golden Lion in the Press category.


Fire Engine



Car Transporter

Copy: “Overtake faster. The Golf R32 with 250 horsepower.”

Type Of Advertisement: Magazine
Category: Cars
Advertiser: Volkswagen
Product or Service: VW Golf R32
Advertising Agency: DDB Dusseldorf
Country: Germany
Creative Director: Raphael Milczarek/Heiko Freyland/Eric Schoeffler
Copywriter: Heiko Freyland/Felix Lemcke
Art Director: Raphael Milczarek/Fabian Kirner
Photographer: Eberhard Sauer/Uwe Duttmann
Illustrator: Stefan Kranefeld
Account Supervisor: Benjamin Reininger/Louisa Ibing

Other nice things with miniature cars on Marketing Thoughts:

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