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Clip Of The Day

31 Aug 2006

Since I’m currently somewhere in North Africa, here’s some light content-filling.
The clip of the day: Ikea – Tidy Up.

Thanks, Dave


Roger More

31 Aug 2006

Here’s a controversial Durex ad. Well… it’s not really controversial, but it certainly caused quite a stir when it was launched. Apparently the UK had it banned for some weird reason. Nevertheless, despite the ban, the ad managed to get an award in 2004 at the ‘The Roses Advertising Awards’ in the category ‘Best use of typography’. I think it’s quite funny, because Sir Roger Moore is in fact best known for his acting jobs as the famous 007, aka James Bond. We all know little Jamsey isn’t the most modest type when it comes to girls, so in fact this Durex ad is communicating two things at the same time. The first one is that with the ‘Perfoma’ product line you’ll want more and do more (maybe even ‘get more’). The second, unspoken, thing is that there’s a connection between 007’s sexual behavior and the use of condoms.

Durex - Roger More

Copy: “Durex Performa. The climax delay condom.”


Amnesty Wall

31 Aug 2006

Certainly not a new tactic, but still quite an eye-catcher if you’re walking through the streets and are confronted with it. I’ve posted a campaign recently with the same use of the city scenery, but then with a totally different kind of message.

Amnesty International

Agency: TBWA Paris



31 Aug 2006

Can we dream? Can we live in ‘what if country’? I’m not quite sure. I do know that if you want anything to change, you’ve got to start with yourself. If everybody started doing small things, together they would be big things. Big things cause change. But they start small. It’s not wrong to dream, but it’s wrong to ‘just’ dream and take no further actions. I try to do little things as much as possible, and then maybe, just maybe… one day they’d make a difference. These images belong to a campaign, but I don’t know which one. I also don’t know which agency created them. They’re for Futurong, a Brazilan charity organisation which is dedicated to change small things and help as many kids as possible by means of education, sports, nutrition… Futurong dreams. They do small things. Lots of them. But for some people, small things are enough to make a difference.

Futurong 1

Futurong 2

Futurong 3

Futurong Website


Clip Of The Day

30 Aug 2006

Since I’m currently somewhere in North Africa, here’s some light content-filling.
The clip of the day: Some foreign beer ad.

Thanks, Dave


Formula 1 Shrubery

30 Aug 2006

Back in April I posted this picture of a Volkswagen Beetle in someone’s backyard, totally assembled and trimmed out of greenery. Well, here’s something even more impressive:

Formula 1 Hedge

I wonder how many times a month this needs to be adjusted.


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The Cockroach Inn

30 Aug 2006

This one is pretty cool. I’ve always had the idea that there were some places where the bugs would actually have a party and go wild on the remains of someone’s last 75 meals. I’ve seen movie scenes about it and pictures of places that were so gross I felt a shiver down my spine every time I got to see the dirty sink with a pile of last month’s dishes or a cupboard that, once opened, would give freedom to a dozen of roaches. Eww. That said, this ad kind of contributes to the pictured scenery above, but in a more distinct way.


Copy: “If you’ve had enough about the vermins that keep reproducing at your place – D.E.P. Parasitis (+ phone number)”


Beer Belly Or Pregnant?

30 Aug 2006

I’m quite confused about this campaign. I don’t really know what they’re trying to say. Is it the beer that makes you this fat? It’s a non-alcoholic beer called Nova Schin, that’s for sure. It comes in a bottle or in a can, that’s pretty clear as well. The rest of the message is kind of lost in the information stream, I think. Is it a brand of beer that targets pregnant women? Is it ok to drink the non-alcoholic beer when you’re pregnant? Or is the lady expecting ‘little beers’? Hmm.

Nova Schin 1

Nova Schin 2

Nova Schin 3