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Marketing Interview And Such

08 Feb 2008

There’s a super cool site I tend to visit a few times a week, just to browse through their archive and laugh myself silly with their hilarious geek jokes. The site’s called XKCD, and they publish a new toon every few days. If you’re not on track with this one, you’re missing out on some great fun!

Marketing Interview
Online Package Tracking
90s Flow Chart

This is just a tiny selection of their 300+ archive, and all I can say is: you’ve just got to go check it out… so many memories and ‘aha-erlebnis’ moments.


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Japanize Yourself

06 Dec 2007

A fun thing (it’s been aaaages since I posted one of these) to kill some time: what would your name be if it was ‘Japanized’ :)

Thanks for the pointer, Ben


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Consumers With A Voice

03 Dec 2007

I got this hilarious picture in my email (thanks Arns) which is a pretty cool example of what happens if you have a bad campaign and leave the window open for customer feedback. I mean seriously :) No driver likes it when cops are doing speed checks, and yes I know it is necessary but that is not the point in this discussion so put that thought aside for a second. In this example, the advertizer asks a question, and they give the consumer a large white space to answer that. No wonder some frustrated soul or practical joker gladly takes the opportunity to express his opinion. And then, yeah, this is what you get.


Comes to show: never give your audience a box of rocks if you live in a glass house.



13 Nov 2007

Arnaud sent in this grassroots anti Hummer campaign that’s being sent around on the innerwebs. It’s quite funny, because in some cases it’s true. Contra-branding, a nice hobby for the modern hippies. Let’s see if there are any others alike. Feel free to send in your goodies.


Thanks, Arns :)


Problem: Milk Moustache

01 Nov 2007

Let me picture it for you. You’re between the age of 4 and 12 (16 for some). You had to shove in your breakfast because things had to move fast. You drank too fast and now you have a milk moustache. You pick up your things and you’re ready to go and then you hear your mom calling: “hey, hold on a sec”. She sees the milk moustache, licks her thumb and starts cleaning with some spit… And then you’re off. This could also very well be the case for instance for a little stain of toothpaste on your shirt and dozens of other examples. Eventually your mom stops doing these things. You move out. And now what ? Well: here’s what:


Momspit (inspired by the original) is the universal no-rinse cleanser. It’s not a sanitizer and does not contain any alcohol. In fact, it’s gentle enough to use on your face. Momspit foams for easy application, eliminates dirt and grime, and leaves skin moisturized and yummy smelling. It’s the perfect thing to throw in your purse, place on your desk, or keep in your car. To use: Apply a small amount on hands or face and rub in completely. No rinse needed.

Order yours today!
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The Last Day At Work

30 Oct 2007

So, you’ve decided you hate your job and want to explore new roads. Somewhere out there is that perfect job, the one you’ve dreamt of for all these years. Maybe you already have a new job in sight. Just one tiny detail left: making sure they let you go fast. You need to get out of that old company without further ado. So. Here’s one way to do it: proceed to your average normal lunchroom/company restaurant. Sit down with your colleagues, and make it a lunch to remember. :-)

Thanks, Dave


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8 Unfortunate Logos

27 Oct 2007

Arnaud sent me some logos of companies from around the world. Big deal, you’d say. I think these ones are ’special’. Either the designer was really pissed off and wanted to screw over the customer, or the sales rep is a very very good storyteller and convinced the client they would really work. I’m still undecided but I don’t think that any sane person would ever agree upon having his/her business being represented by an unfortunate logo as the ones below. What do you think?

Funny Logos 1

1. Institute for Oriental languages

Funny Logos 2

2. Kids furniture and clothing store

Funny Logos 3

3. Italian fashion brand

Funny Logos 4

4. A pediatric center

Funny Logos 5

5. Dental clinic

Funny Logos 6

6. Drugstore specialized in back injuries

Funny Logos 7

7. Hot-Dog Boutique

Funny Logos 8

8. PC repair store

Thanks, Arns


Will It Blend -iPhone

12 Jul 2007

Last year in November I already mentioned the freakish powers of The Total Blender. They’ve been blending all sorts of crazy things in the past time but their recent clip really kicks it big time. They’re blending an iPhone. Pretty neat stuff. I haven’t really written about the iPhone here before, and it’s not because I work for Microsoft. It’s because I think the device is way too limited and has nothing to offer that I can use. I’ll give you some examples of why this fashionable device will (at this time) not be on my wishlist:

  1. It doesn’t support SD (micro)memory cards, no slot present
  2. I can’t install other software (TomTom navigation and so on)
  3. I can look at movies but I can’t record any
  4. I don’t use iTunes, nor an mp3 player function and I don’t care for music support or YouTube videos
  5. The battery is sealed-in so no hard reboot if the device locks (by removing and replacing the battery)
  6. Got to hand in the phone at Apple store for x days if battery breaks
  7. Not ready for over-the-air content delivery (3G and so on)
  8. Sealed deals with operators that require minimum sign-up periods
  9. I don’t store pictures on my phone, don’t have time to show off pictures either, I just use it for work-related things, not during coffee breaks
  10. Compared with Nokia’s N95 5 megapixel snapshot maker, the iPhone has a rather crappy image quality

So, apart from the very cool design and touch screen navigation, there really isn’t much in it for me. I just need a device with easy access that allows me to install what I want, that allows me to chose any provider I like and that improves my mobile experience. And for what it has to offer, I think it is way too expensive. There is no technology progress. A slick interface doesn’t make me happy if the functions behind it don’t live up to the expectations. But yeah, that’s just my humble opinion. What it does pretty well though, is blend!

Video: Will It Blend? iPhone [source]

By the way, you can bid for the blended iPhone on eBay :-) It’s already at $430.

iPhone Expectations