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Lazer Helmets

27 Apr 2007

A flowerpot falls to its death, but right before it sees its life flash by before its eyes… A new commercial by for Lazer Helmets, with an edgy twist. Pretty stunning and a very nice perspective on the subject. I really like the idea of seeing the life from the object’s point of view, instead of from the victim – which is usually the case. Check it out. (The final shot is filmed at 3000fps, how wicked is that?)

Video Link

Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp
Account: Matthieu de Winter
Creative Directors: Geoffrey Hantson, Dirk Domen
Copywriter: Alexander Goulart
Art Director: Veerle Vandenbroucke
Production Companies: Crafted Films, I-Movix, Equinoxe
Director/Producer: Tiago Mesquita for Crafted Films
DOP: Patrice Michaux, Francois Schmitt, Tiago Mesquita
Production Manager: Will Applebee
Music: Original soundtrack by Tiago Mesquita
Visual FX Supervisor: Ronald Grauer
Water Special Effects and VFX: Yannick Lietard


In An Absolut World

27 Apr 2007

Absolut, the best ever and coolest international premium vodka brand, presents a new global campaign. “In an Absolut world” is an inspiring, humorous, thought-provoking integrated campaign about what an Absolut world might look like. With the new campaign, Absolut Vodka hopes to initiate a discussion about both universal and everyday subjects, as well as challenge consumers to express their own visions of the world.

“In our new advertising campaign, ‘In an Absolut world,’ we invite consumers around the world to discuss current events and subjects that engage them. The communication concept for Absolut vodka has received many awards and much acclaim over the years and today it’s legendary. In the 1980s we were pioneers in our field when we integrated art and fashion with advertising. Our groundbreaking new campaign, ‘In an Absolut world,’ is expanding boundaries once again. We want to inspire people to discuss and to discover the visionary within them”, says Ketil Eriksen, President V&S Absolut Spirits.”

“In an Absolut world” has been developed together with the advertising agency TBWA/Chiat Day for TV and print ads, and Great Works for digital media.

Absolut World 1

Absolut World 2

See more images in the Absolut Press section
Thanks, Andreas


Power House

25 Apr 2007

I totally like this idea. It’s actually a shirt people would love to wear when they’re going out for a drink in town, especially when they carry around the accumulated result of many beers and they’re proud of it. I know quite a few people with a tummy full of love who’d be totally overjoyed when they got this as a gift. Other than that… if you really are looking at it from the dark side, you could find some sarcasm in this and be offended, but the ‘funny’ approach is very present. Could also be interpreted as: Power House helps you deflate
(or something).

Power House 1

Power House 2

Power House 3

Agency unknown
Via: 24


Shiny Floors

25 Apr 2007

Maestro Limpio, aka Mister Proper aka Mister Clean (and so on) is one of the leading brands among household products. To communicate the main benefit of the product, supah-shiny floors, this sweet door-to-door thingy has been slipped under the… umm well… door. On the transparent plastic sheet is written: “more shine for your floors” next to the logo, and then when people opened their doors, the light would reflect on the plastic, making it seem that one piece of floor has been polished ultra hard.

Maestro Limpio 1

Maestro Limpio 2

Agency: Grey, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo Gil, Sebastián Garín
Creative Directors: Gabriela Carozzi
Art Director: Facundo Valenti
Copywriter: Pedro Dufou
Via: A/D Goodness


Polluted Water

24 Apr 2007

I really like this ad for Unicef. It’s so simple and at the same time it makes such a powerful statement. This ad was made for the German branch of the Unicef foundation, to create awareness around the issue that 1.5 million children die every year from drinking polluted water. And that massive number is only the children! That’s like a sixth of my country’s entire population!

Unicef - Water

Thanks, Derrick

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Alex Schill, Axel Thomsen
Art Directors: Maik Kaehler, Till Diestel, Amelie Graalfs
Copywriter: Christoph Nann
Photographer: Joerg Kritzer
Published: March 2007
Credits via AdsOfTheWorld


A House Or Champagne 2

21 Apr 2007

UPDATE 21st of April, 10.59 am: Hilarious !!!

While Jan is working for BBDO and Johan from LG&F made the spoof (and Michael from Duval Guillaume E sent it to me), now the guys over at TheseDays came up with their spoof, and they turned the spot into a commercial for / Any other agencies want to give it a go?

There’s a lucky guy named Jan. He works at an ad agency and has a beautiful wife and family. They live in a wonderful house and they’ve been having the time of their lives there. But.. the time has come to move on and now they’re selling the house… on YouTube. However, Jan’s ‘neighbors’ have noticed the clip on YouTube and decided to post their response… and now the bet is: if the response has more views than the original, Jan will buy bubbly wine for ‘the neighbors’. Other than that, it’s pretty cool to use YouTube to sell your house, but instead of showing just the house and the rooms and all that you add a story to it, you make the material thing come alive. And that’s so awesome.

Jan's House

See the original clip here, but please make sure you see the spoof twice, so Jan has to share the booze ;-)


Cold Farts

20 Apr 2007

I love this supercool 3D animated commercial for Air Virgosol… perfect starter for a Friday morning… It doesn’t really contribute to the greatest brand image ever, but I’m pretty sure you’ll know what to do the next time there’s a forest fire near you. Better keep these in the survival kit in the trunk…

Video Link


Absolut Cities

20 Apr 2007

I’ve been cleaning up my folders and came across these two nice visuals for Absolut. They might be fake, I’m not really sure. I just thought they were pretty cool to look at and I like the atmosphere they create. Just two attractive images for the Absolut archive. I wonder how long they will be able to keep pulling cool ads like these. Actually, come to think of it, it’s been a while since I actually saw new ones. Hmmm. Better go look for them again. Lord knows what kind of goodness has been released recently. I’ll keep you posted.

Absolut Triomphe

Absolut Angkor