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Clearly Smirnoff

23 Aug 2007

Check out this supercool commercial from Smirnoff. The concept might be a little abstract, the idea might be far-fetched, but the clip is awesome. I don’t know which agency came up with it, but I bet their budget was quite astronomous, if you look at the effects.

Video Link: Clearly Smirnoff


Subservient Swedish Sweat

22 Aug 2007

Here’s a cunning little take on the famous subservient chicken from Burger King. Ford captured a random Swedish guy, locked him up in a sauna and you can, by typing the right commands, make him do funny things. The purpose is to promote the Ford Fiesta Cool series. This campaign is particularly aiming for the female cluster of buyers, which is probably why the Swedish man is vacuum cleaning and the likes. Try typing commands like ‘handstand’, ‘basic instinct’, ‘kalender’, ‘kubus’, ‘ballen’, ‘bellen’, ‘kammen’ ‘dans’ ‘gitaar’, ‘touw’, ’stofzuigen’ or ‘mop’. Fun ! So, what’s the deal? Kalle Hötson, the Swedish man, needs to sweat. The point is to score 300 points as fast as possible by typing the right commands. If you succeed, Kalle will go seek freshness in the airconditioned Ford Fiesta and you get to win lovely prizes.

Make Me Sweat

Visit the site, and give it a go
Agency: Ogilvy, Brussels


I Want An i30

21 Aug 2007

Hyundai sees things big. Really big. The latest campaign they ran in Belgium was one where consumers were challenged to get a hold of a dropzone mark to put at a location of their choice. If they were selected, they could open up a blog and people could vote on them. (a map of the participants is here). The ubercoolness factor here is that the car will be dropped by heli. Yeah, you read that right. A helicopter will come drop the car on your location. Talk about a ‘wow’ factor. Good way to wake up the neighbors on a quiet Sunday morning :-) If you think the creative directors of this clip have been watching Apocalypse Now too much, you’re right.

Video: Hyundai i30

I Want An i30 -1

Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels, Duval Guillaume E
Account Team: Johan Parmentier, Peter Clijsters, Filip Van der Haegen, Annemie Verschueren
Creative Directors: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe
Copy: Tom Muysers, Peter Ampe
Art Directors: Louiselotte Brekelmans, Katrien Bottez
TV Producer: Bruno De Jonghe
Media Strategy: Davy Caluwaerts
Strategy: Davy Caluwaerts
Animations: Dave De Preter
Production Company: The Fridge
Director: Dirk Verheye
Producer: Tom Hameeuw
Post-Production Company: The Fridge
Website: Pieter Baert & Tim Elsen (webmaster), Stijn Dupas & Raf Thys (Development), Judith Vanderlinden (Testing)
Media: Guerilla, Internet, TV, dailies.

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David Boschmans

08 Aug 2007

Last night I woke up and it was still dark outside. I usually don’t wake up early. I was staring at my ceiling and saw the last fractions of a dream replay. I was a little boy, standing out in the fields and looking up to the sky. At the horizon I saw a light, an ignition of a rocket that was launched into the black, starfilled sky. I saw a beautiful stripe of light go up and make a bow as it went further and further away from me.

I went to sleep again and woke up later this morning, started doing some e-mails and such. Then I got a phone call from a colleague to inform me that David Boschmans had passed away last night. David was the guy that wheeled me in at Microsoft. He was my mentor, my trusted colleague and friend. We shared dreams and hopes. His insights and advice will always guide me.
I could never have dreamt of getting a better mentor.

I’m lucky to have met him. I feel lucky, even when I’m typing this and tears drip on my typing hands. David, My Dearest David. I will never ever forget you. I’ll miss you. I’ll miss you so damn much. There is no explanation possible for all the why’s I’m feeling, no person that can fill the empty gap you leave behind.

David Boschmans

May God watch over your family and take care of them. Sweet dreams, David.


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Brisbane Transport

01 Aug 2007

In the category ‘goodies from down-under’ flies in this superb advertisement for… public transportation. This is by far the best ad campaign for local bus services I have ever seen. I love the angle of approach, the way it is has been produced and the idea behind it. You could easily make it cross-service and expand it to trains, airplanes, taxis and what not. A very adaptable concept.

Brisbane Transport 1
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Brisbane Transport 2
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Brisbane Transport 3

Thanks, Dave