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Smart Mini Garage

30 Apr 2006

Weird. I just posted the Mini Garage for Mini Cooper, and when I was checking my feeds, I saw this one on AdArena:

Smart Doggy Gate

Though I was really positive on the idea for the Mini, and about how cool they integrated the detail into ‘the big picture’, I can’t help to think this ad for Smart has something from a doggy-door, it feels like a cheap rip-off instead of a classy integration. Well. Nice try anyway.

Title: Cat Flap
Agency: JWT, Dubai


United Healthcare Commercials

30 Apr 2006

Three really funny commercials for United Healthcare for the ‘it just makes sense’ campaign. My personal favorite is the one with the wedding, but the other two are hilarious as well. I’ll add the first one before the jump, the other two after.

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The Mini Garage

30 Apr 2006

Heheh. I really like this ad for the Mini (Cooper). The house is like ‘the perfect mansion’ almost everybody dreams of. A nice garden, lots of green a perfectly mown lawn and a blue sky… this is almost a typical picture of a scene in one of those typical Hollywood movies. Any minute you expect a guy in a fancy costume to come out the door and open his garage to drive out that Mercedes or BMW, with his wife and 2.4 kids standing on the driveway to wave him goodbye. But there’s a small detail. The size of the garage… and then you see the logo in the bottom-right corner and you think: heheh, brilliant.

The Mini Garage

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30 Apr 2006

Damn, I’ve caught a virus somewhere. It hurts to breathe, it hurts to swallow. I feel like a hippie cuz I’m so stoned from the pain killers, but nothing seems to work. I had a fever, a pretty high one. In fact I still do. I saw all the letters on my screen as a blur and couldn’t even begin to type. But I think it’s getting better now. The doctor said I have ’streptokokken’, which if I translate it sounds like strappedoncockin’, but I don’t know the English word for it. Ah well. A little pain now and then keeps you alive. If I feel good enough I’ll start to post today. I have a load of posts waiting in the drafts section, but new news is always better. See you around.


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Thanx Max

28 Apr 2006

I really appreciate it. For those who don’t know Max: he has a blog I read and a book I’ve read.


Gnomes Invade Belgium

28 Apr 2006

In yesterday’s paper, there was an article about an invasion of yellow gnomes. The police doesn’t know who’s behind the innocent joke but suspects it’s in some way or another related to On this website, a few countries are listed that apparently have been invaded already. A page is dedicated per country where the action-radius is marked on a map and a few pictures illustrate the local situation.


Check out the situation in Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands & Luxembourg. Expect the situation to expand. The fact the Belgian situation on the map looks like Mickey Mouse is a pure coincidence.

This reminds me of an organization I used to be a member of, back when I was 16. The TBF. Instead of bringing the gnomes to the city, like this project does, we took them out of the gardens of people and set them free in the woods or the city park. Too bad we never took pictures. Before you go around saying we were stealing the gnomes: no, we weren’t. We borrowed them. Before we went out to kidnap them, we made labels, we labeled the gnomes with a number and left a card with that number for the owners, describing the place in the nearby woods or park where the gnomes would be released.

The TBF was (is?) a dutch organisation who fought the every day routine by fighting for the rights of the garden gnome (the dullest thing on earth). The TBF was (is?) a open action force and could be joined by everyone who respected the rights of the garden gnome. You could just start your own cell, make a visiting card with your translation of the Gardengnome Liberation Front, free a gnome, leave a visiting card and then set the gnome free in the forest.

I thought the idea was totally gone, but apparently, the gnomes still exist.

Stop Oppressive Gardening! Free The Gnomes !


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YouTube, Why Web 2.0 Sucks

28 Apr 2006

It’s been over 5 hours that I can’t access any of the clips I’ve uploaded to YouTube. What’s up with this? The dotcom returns an error message too, and it’s not the first time this is happening. I think I’ll start looking around for alternatives because I now depend on the service of one provider, and that’s not a good thing. If anything goes wrong there, my entire blog is suffering from it. The eternal loading loop in the status bar is just one thing, the fact that they don’t even display a temporary thumb is another. Now it’s just a blank space. People keep waiting, and then nothing happens. That’s just ridiculous.

I think if you can’t scale a video streaming service in a way so it permits you to roll out updates without having to shut down the entire process and servers, you better stop delivering the service all together.

Too bad I don’t own my content anymore. 350 + commercials… that’s not a huge loss, but still. I don’t have all of them offline anymore and I certainly don’t have the time to start uploading them again to another host.

Really, I think I’m going to look for a new place and start uploading new stuff there, and then hope it keeps working. Or this update should turn out to be really really great.

Web 2.0 according to YouTube plainly sucks. You don’t have any rights on your content, you can’t collect your content and download it to go elsewhere. You’re totally depending on the goodwill of the company to keep your data alive and accessible. Once people realize this, 2.0 and user generated content will be slowing down in growth. If the first 2.0 companies will start to stop offering their services, a shockwave will run through the internet. For now it’s still sunshine and pretty flowers… most 2.0 companies are small, sell out in time or just quit existing because they were useless. Others like YouTube grow too fast, can’t scale and then cut back in the service.

Does Flickr have an ‘export all your pictures to a .zip’ feature? I know BubbleShare has it, but I haven’t seen it on my Flickr account. Before I engage into a new service, the first thing I’m going to check is if I can retrieve any data input.


Funky PlayStation2 Ads

28 Apr 2006

Dave sent me a large archive with PlayStation 2 ads. I had posted some before, but there were a lot of ads I’ve never seen before. A few of them are really freaky, others plainly fun to see. I don’t know the taglines or the creators but they sure are impressive.

PlayStation 2 a

PlayStation 2 b

PlayStation 2 c

PlayStation 2 d

Thanks, Dave