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Mixed Flavors

31 May 2007

If there’s one thing I really really hate, then it’s the fact that when I open the fridge, that one piece of wonderful yummy pie I saved yesterday is tasting like the cheese or chicken that’s been stored next to it and yes I know, you can put these things in dedicated boxes but I’m either too lame to do it, or I don’t have those boxes within reach when I have to store the stuff. And… apparently some refrigerator company came up with a solution. And an ad agency made some nice visuals to promote these wonderful product benefits. No more chicken-pie with cheesy strawberries!

Brandt 1

Brandt 2

Brandt 3

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Sylvain Thirache, Alexandre Hervé
Head of Art: Sophie Mégrous
Art Director: Martin Darfeuille
Copywriter: Edouard Pérarnaud
Via: AdsOfTheWorld


Visual Studio In-Game Advertising

30 May 2007

Microsoft Belux has been looking to find the new ways for reaching developers that they never reach through the “traditional” channels, such as own or 3rd party e-mailing, magazine ads, banners, blogs, etc… They’ve been looking for an advertising system that would be in such a way so that it would really appeal to developers. Together with the guys from McCann Belgium, an ad agency, they came up with an alternative way that they’ve never tried before (at least in Belgium). They’ve decided to do “in-game advertising” for the Defy All Challenges Visual Studio product marketing campaign. If you want to know how that looks like, check out the images below:

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 8

Game 9

Game 10

Game 11

Game 12

Game 13

Game 14

Game 15

Game 16

Game 17

Game 18

Game 19

Game 20

The ads are running in the following games: Anarchy Online, Quake Wars, Need For Speed, Trackmania United, Toca Race Car, Splinter Cell 4, Crackdown, Ghost Recon AW, Rainbow Six, True Crime NY and Def Jam.

Since I have front row tickets to this campaign, I’ll try to post about the results as well, if I can. I’m very interested in seeing if this approach works.


PSFK London

23 May 2007

PSFK presents a series of presentations and discussions by leading innovators over the course of a day on June 1st. They have invited some of the most brilliant thinkers who will lead tomorrow’s businesses to speak to an audience from the creative, media and marketing communities. In the morning the speakers and panelists will explore new trends and ideas in areas like digital media and eco-consciousness; and in the afternoon the speakers will provide inspiration on how to apply the insights gained from looking at trends and ideas and applying them for new marketing, branding and design. Sign up today and be part of this event!

PSFK London

Speaker List:

  • Niku Banaie, Naked Communications
  • Mike Butcher, TBites
  • Russell Davies, Open Intelligence Agency
  • Regine Debatty, We Make Money Not Art
  • Jeremy Ettinghausen, Penguin Books
  • Karen Fraser, Ethical Index
  • Santiago Gowland, Unilever
  • John Grant, BrandTarot
  • Tamara Giltsoff, OZOlab brand
  • Jessica Greenwood, Contagious Magazine
  • Hugh MacLeod, GapingVoid
  • Beeker Northam, Bloom
  • Steven Overman, Lowe Worldwide
  • George Parker, Madscam
  • Simon Sinek, Sinek Partners
  • Stan Stalnaker, Hub
  • Iain Tait, Poke
  • Diana Verde Nieto, Clownfish
  • Timo Veikkola, Nokia
  • Johnny Vulkan, Anomaly
  • Faris Yakob, Naked Communications

Check out the site for the full program and the list of attendees that have signed up so far.


The Cupboard Stairs

23 May 2007

My uberfriendly colleagues from Appelogen have spotted this very nifty and cute system to tidy up the house. Should you ever consider replacing ye olde stairs, do not hesitate to ask your local carpenter to help you figure this one out. Perfect for shoes, books, socks, flashlights and what not. You’re going to wish you had more stairs to climb once you’ve discovered the luxury of this beauty. It’s actually invented or produced by Unicraft Joinery, an Australian company without online presence.

Cupboard Stairs

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23 May 2007

I bumped into an airplane spotters site ( and I saw that Belgian artist/genius Kamagurka has his own branded plane called Kamagurka Hairlines (for Thomas Cook). That’s so cool of Thomas Cook to endorse a Belgian artist in this way, and I just wanted to post it here. Then I’ve been looking around a little on the website and I saw some other pretty dressed-up airplanes. Although it only works when the planes are docked or when they’re landing or taking off, there’s some pretty impressive budgets linked to this form of advertising. I guess that it might work when people are staring out of the terminal window and your plane is the eye-catcher of the tarmac.

Planes 1

Planes 2

Planes 3

Planes 4


Nikon CoolPix S500

23 May 2007

A fresh campaign from Belgium for the Nikon CoolPix S500 Snapshoterizer. There’s not much more to add for contextual info, the images speak for themselves. I like the way how the technology inside the camera has been visualized by ‘actors’. If the camera really works this way, it looks like it’s a very decent tool.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp
Client: Nikon Europe
Accounts: Alex Stergialis, Eva D’Hondt
Creative Directors: Dirk Domen, Geoffrey Hantson
Creatives: Sam De Vriendt, Bart Gielen
Photographer: Tom Nagy
Post Production: Gloss, Foyer Digital


A Round Of Link Love

21 May 2007

The following people have requested or deserved link love, and so I’ll post them here and add them to the favorites page. Thanks for doing whatever you did, and good luck with what you’ve started!

Thanks for reading and blogging!


Do Not Set It To Cold

21 May 2007

From what looks to be an ordinary RFID experiment that has some voyeuristic touches, comes an ordinary viral for a product you’ve known for years by now. Amazing how a simple flash movie can create such a captive audience. The little watcher in us, men, has been fed again. Enjoy the Essence Beach cam, and for Christ’s sake, don’t just put it to cold.

Essence Beach Shower Cam

Check out (can’t believe it wasn’t taken yet)
Thanks, Bert