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25 Nov 2007

Here’s a pretty keen approach for a DM for an optician. He wanted to attract clients he hadn’t seen in a long time. Due to deteriorating eye sight over the years, they’d probably be needing new eye glasses at that point. So, the agency created a sales letter in the form of an eye test chart. The optician explains at contacts that their current glasses probably aren’t strong enough anymore – eye sight can deteriorate even when wearing glasses. To demonstrate this, the characters in the letter gradually shrink to a size so small only people with perfect eye sight can read properly. People having difficulties reading those last sentences are invited by the optician for an eye test. The result was that 12% of the contacts scheduled an appointment for a test.

Copy at the bottom of the letter:
“Is it difficult for you to read these letters? If it is, than please drop by for a free eye test”

Agency: Proximity BBDO (Belgium)
Creative Director: Adriaan Van Looy
Art Director: Adriaan Van Looy
Copywriter: Wim Provoost
Production: Sofie Verschaeren


Nature Goes Wild

15 Nov 2007

Stunning 3D work for Orangina, not quite in the sense of the ‘happiness factory’ from Coca Cola, but (at least to me) a very competitve try to overtake it. Quote Todd Mueller, Creative Director/Co-founder, Psyop: “I guess it goes without saying that when you get the opportunity to spray Orangina all over the chest of a sexy bunny girl, you go for it. That was basically the motivation and creative charge throughout the production; raunchy naughty furriness. The agency FFL were amazing to work with and just kept pushing us to get furrier and naughtier. The production team at The Mill and Stink brought everything they had to the table and the results are phenomenal. Now that we are finished, it’s a bit sad to leave this crazy world behind. There’s so much more to find out about this forest and these sexy creatures.”

Orangina Naturally Juicy English version

Client: Orangina
Title: “Naturally Juicy”
Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Creatives: Michael Zonnenberg, Joseph Dubruque, Nicolas Lautier, Baptiste Clinet
Advertiser’s Supervisors: Hugues Pietrini, Marie-Laure Trichard
Producer: Robin Accard
Production Company: Stink / Psyop
Director: Psyop / Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick
Executive Producers: Daniel Bergman, Sylvaine Mella
Producers: Richard Fenton, Mariya Shikher
Animation Director: Nicholas Weigel
Additional Design: David Chontos
Editing Company: Trim Editing
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Post Production: The Mill
Producer: Stephen Venning
Telecine: Jamie Wilkinson
3D Producer: Pip Malone


Save Paper, Save The Planet

15 Nov 2007

The Gold winner on the Londen International Awards for ‘ambient indoor’ is this installation for the WWF. It’s a pretty simple idea to have the southern american region being cut out of the paper dispenser and to see the nations turn black as more paper is being used. I like the concept a lot, and obviously others did too otherwise it wouldn’t have won a golden trophy. Makes you think about life and the world in general, while you are sitting in that sweet small room. The perfect place to ponder about good intentions.

WWF Paper

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen
Executive Creative Director: Simon Wooller
Copywriters: Silas Jansson, Cliff K. Holm
Art Directors: Silas Jansson, Cliff K. Holm


Tie The Tie

14 Nov 2007

One of the cooler things to wear is a nice suit with a tie. But unfortunately, the art of tie-tieing is not a given to all men… ask around in the girly part of your circle of friends. Many of those will have to help out their hubbies or boyfriends. Although I do find that a sexy idea (it has something ‘mothering’ which is soooo cute), a real man should be able to get this done on his own. A simple search on youTube for ‘how to tie a tie’ yields 92 million results, all with one simple flaw…every one uses a male model (usually an old dude or a web geek) to do the instructing. While this approach may be perfectly functional, its just not all that fun. has taken it to the next level. Beautiful women are the stars of these tasteful instructional videos. What better way for the young guys to learn how to be a man than from a totally hot actress? Ties are hotter than ever before… Some Tie company or fashion label should endorse this. :-) | How To Tie A Tie | The Full Windsor Knot.

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13 Nov 2007

Arnaud sent in this grassroots anti Hummer campaign that’s being sent around on the innerwebs. It’s quite funny, because in some cases it’s true. Contra-branding, a nice hobby for the modern hippies. Let’s see if there are any others alike. Feel free to send in your goodies.


Thanks, Arns :)


Drink & Drive

13 Nov 2007

Pretty cool campaign from Guatemala, specifically aimed for the students (who have the last three months of the year off from school). Because of this long off-school period, students tend to party a lot more… and drink, which unfortunately then leads to more drunken driving and the consequential accidents. Because Halloween is one of those somewhat more heavy party nights, a themed awareness campaign has been launched where witches have been attached to poles along the roadsides with a traffic sign above it that said: “This Halloween, don’t drink and drive”. Definitely a softer approach, but looking at the target audience, why not. I hope it helps.

Halloween Drink & Drive

Agency: lafábrica&jotabequ GREY, Guatemala
Creative Directors: Diego Rizzo, Ruben Leyton, Sergio Estrada
Art Directors: Manuel Godinez, Maria José Batres
Copywriter / Photographer: Diego Rizzo
Thanks, Ricardo (also on AotW)


The Planet Drum

13 Nov 2007

ThePlanetDrum, a percussion school in Berlin-Kreuzberg, wanted a cool promotion for their drum lessons. The briefing said that the concept had to be easy to realize, cheap and that it should give people the feeling of what it is like to play the drums and live life at a steady rythm. So… thinking about a place where you’d actually need to use two wooden sticks, the easiest solution seemed to be Asian restaurants, and thus about a 1000 small packets were produced with drum/chop sticks in them. An agreement had been made with the Asian restaurants in the neighborhood of the PlanetDrum school, and even before dinner was served, you’d receive this pack of sticks with on the back instructions of how to hold the drumsticks and use the dish, glass and a possible dinner partner as objects to drum on.

The Planet Drum 1

The Planet Drum 1

It’s nothing shockingly new, but it’s exactly executed as the customer wanted it. Cost-effective, with a wink. The text on the small pack reads: “Practice makes perfect”.

Agency: WE DO Communications
Creative Director: Christoph Scheller
Art Director: Thorsten Sievering
Copywriter: Mathias Wolf
Via: AotW


Accident & Crash, The Fragrance

02 Nov 2007

A bit like the famous quote of Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore (Robert Duvall) in Apocalypse Now (1979) – ["I love the smell of napalm in the morning."], Saatchi & Saatchi came up with a pretty interesting print campaign to create awareness for road safety in the category: don’t call and drive. In the print ads they sent to the presses, they dubbed the typical fragrance teasers and launched two new smells: Accident and Crash. Browsers of analog press media like magazines could rub the fragrance strip and smell the repulsive odeur of accident. Whatever that smells like, I leave up to you, but seeing the image I bet it would kinda rob you of your appetite. Never seen this one before.

Accident & Crash 1

Accident & Crash 2

Accident & Crash 3

Accident & Crash 4

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Praha
Medium: Print
Via: Adverblog / ReklamniBlog