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BlogDay Recommendations

31 Aug 2005

In case you missed it, on August 31 every blogger in the world will be asked to recommend five new Web logs to his or her readers. This event was organized by Nir Ofir.

BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. On that day Bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors.

With the goal in mind, on this day every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. In this way, all Blog web surfers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs. .


1. The pulse, with O’Reilly Radar. – Good reads, always close to what lives on the web.

2. The RSS blog. – about RSS, RDF, FOAF, The Semantic Web and Social Software.

3. The Blog Herald – more blog news more often.

4. Sugar Shock Blog – Live a sweeter life without sweets.

5. Topics related to Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution, by Howard Rheingold.

— Interesting reads for August 31st —


Bye Bye Technorati

30 Aug 2005

Last week I reviewed the entire blog. All 250 archived posts and 23 sliced indexes have been checked, the titles have been changed (left out the ‘’) to make them more relevant when they get indexed and I’ve added AdSense to all pages, customized for either the short or the longer posts. Hah. Six hours of work that’ll hopefully pay off in the near future. While updating all these pages I removed all the links to technorati for a cosmos search for either this blog or my nickname. Things just aren’t working out as they should, and I feel Technorati one way or the other is a little overhyped. I’ll explain to you what I’ve encountered during my stay in the technorati empire.

1. URL Search – Please wait while timing out.

Searching for my blog’s url, it takes ages for a returnpage to appear. Very often the search doesn’t even load and the ‘loading’ bar in the explorer just disappears without a new page opening up. Maybe it’s a signal to tell me not to perform ego-searches, but I think : if I don’t get results, neither do other users. I’ve tested with a few friends which lead to the same results. Timing out with a cute technorati anigif has become familiar.

So maybe too many users are using Technorati, and my query doesn’t come trough? Ok. But time after time? I’ve tried it at almost every hour of the day, because I often post at night I could also test it then. No results. Sometimes, yes. I must admit it, so do the other two guys I’ve asked to perform some test searches. I does load sometimes, say 1 out of 15.

2. Ping accepted. Ignoring Ping.

My blog’s handcoded, so I use the java embed code Technorati provided me. The fact that I have to go ping manually is bearable. I have no objection to that. Besides, now that I’ve found pingoat, I can ping Technorati as well, so I can bypass the manual ping from within my account. Nevertheless, I still ping about five times just to be sure. Man, I even log out and in again to check if my session didn’t expire or something (I know it can’t expire, … but I still tested it, just to make sure it wasn’t that). The manual ping from within my Technorati account always returns the ‘thank you for letting us know url has been updated’. I take that as a confirmation, because must of the time when people thank you, it’s because you’ve given something. In this case, the url. Why doesn’t it appear in the search then?

3. Blog last updated 15 days ago.

Then some time ago Technorati stopped including me. I don’t know why. My posts never got listed and more than 15 recent ones are missing. My ‘archive’ isn’t complete, and by the looks of it, it never will be completed. The entire point of claiming this blog (for me) is that others, including myself, can see the history of what I’ve posted in back-order of appearance. The point is that they can see who links me up, where I’ve posted and so that readers know what my blog is about. Since the tool on itself isn’t accurate for me (anymore) , I’m backing out.

If I run back through my archive, and synchronize with Technorati, I get this :

Technorati : Last post indexed is on 15th of August. Meaning my last six posts aren’t there.

Then, August 12th got skipped, and ‘The Mobile Market’ and ‘Flag My Map’ got listed. Posted on the 11th and 10th, so normally indexed.

Then ‘Pic2Vid’ got skipped but ‘Nathan’s Screwed’ was not. Both were from August 9th.
Why index just one then? It’s so unlogical. I can’t make sense of it.

Then 10 posts were skipped, leading us to ‘MSN PPC becomes MSN Keywords’ on Aug. 4th.

There’s more, but that wouldn’t add to the point I’m trying to make.

4. Ranking : minus 50.000 spots, minus 20 links, minus 15 sites.

I’m not an A-blogger. I haven’t got a large audience. I have no ‘weight’ in this game (yet). My old blog is totally gone (because it was also in html but even crappier than this version), so I restarted this version in april, after six months of silence. I’ve only been blogging for a little more than a year, so I don’t expect hundreds of links to my blog. But I know for sure 24 linking sites is way to little, and 26 links that’s just ridiculous. Since these numbers have no relevancy whatsoever, I think for me, in my situation, Technorati is useless.

So here’s my theory :

Technorati has grown way to fast, and now has problems keeping up. I can understand, but the time it takes to ‘get back on track’ is too long for me. You can’t expect me to put up links to a profile that says the site they just came from hasn’t been updated for 15 days. My pages get indexed faster by Google, and for all I know, they’re not specialized in blogs yet.

This isn’t a kick in the dark towards Technorati. I’ve filled in their form thrice nicely (the two first attempts resulted in an error, so to be sure I tried until I thought it went well). So either they got it three times, or just one time. I’ve sent them a message six days ago stating about the same things I have said here above. I haven’t gotten any answer yet, but I’m not going to send the request and ‘whining’ note again. I love the service, I’ve advised it to tons of people who most of the time enjoy it a lot. (Sometime’s it’s just ‘rush hour’ anybody understands that).

But I can’t explain them why this great service I want them to use so badly to keep ‘in touch with the blogospere’ and to ‘know what’s being said right now’ doesn’t list my own blogposts or links like it should. That’s why I’m silently dropping out. Since these posts don’t appear at Technorati… I’d doubt it anyone would ever know unless they read it here.

For the record :
I’m totally NOT pissed off. This is not a post to bring Technorati down in any way. I’m just explaining why I removed my links, and why I feel this service isn’t working out for me. I know tons of people who are very satisfied with the results they get, and they’re absolutely thrilled about the service. I’m just saying I’m not that thrilled, because I don’t get the same service. I’m looking at it from the practical side. Technorati isn’t driving that much traffic to my site anyway (not over 30 hits a month) so I see no more reasons to put any more time in pinging the service manually or having a link to an outdated profile. No hard feelings.


Changing Plans & Links For August 28th

28 Aug 2005

Okay, change of plans. Seems I won’t be leaving on september the 1st, since I’ve got to collect my results on the 9th. We’ll be leaving the 10th or 11th as a logical consequence, because I really need to have a vacation with my girlfriend. I’ve been studying all summer so we couldn’t really ‘go away’ and ‘tune out’ for a couple of days. She’s been working a lot too, and we both definitely need the time off together before we start another year of studying.

That said, I’m sort of skipping the team-building weekend they planned over at the college. Seems I’ll be investing in personal relationships instead of building up a relationship with my new class. Hey, new class : it’s not that I don’t like you guys, but I really need to do this. Same goes for the teachers. I’ll see you when I get back, and then I’ll be there for a 110%.

I just need to see a few sunsets, have some cocktails with little straw hats at the seaside with my girl and ride a donkey.

This item recently made it to my wish list :

Konica Minolta’s new DiMAGE Z6
[Read More]

There’s four more exams coming up, so I’ve got some more studying to do. I’m off !

Interesting stuff I’ve recently read and think you should read too :


Maxthon Browser Review

25 Aug 2005

I’m having an extraordinary experience with this new browser, and I thought : let’s blog this!

Maxthon Internet Browser software is a powerful tabbed browser with a highly customizable interface. It is based on the Internet Explorer browser engine, which means that what works in the IE browser will work the same in Maxthon tabbed browser but with many additional efficient features.

Latest upgrades :


+ ‘more rss’ button on rss sidebar.
+ Search drop down.
+ Podcasting support.
+ Online update will remember item’s check state.
* memory usage adjustment.
+ , Maxthon feed directory.


Listed features : [Maxthon - Feature Tour ] – I’ll discuss the ones I come across.

Downloading : No problemo ! Superfast.

Installing : Some remarks

After chosing your language, you’re offered the following interface :


Do not install this ! Why not to check the box ? Let’s go down the list:

    Auto-saving passwords is not-done. Never-ever use that option not even in IE.

    Login & submit buttons that are clicked automatically… what if you don’t want to?

    I’ll fill in the registration forms myself, so I know what I’m supplying. So should you.

    I’ll think of my own passwords. Everyone can find a password. Think hard enough.

    Encrypting data? For who? What happens to it? How do I recover it? Is recovering free? You can’t tell, I’m not going to check on Master Password’s functions either, so better not allow this to happen.

    Gator… DING-DING-DING. Isn’t that umm… Claria, WhenU… AdWare? Yup! Better skip this too !

Next step : Customizing your view.


I unchecked the search bar, and also hid the favorites which were nicely taken over from IE. We’re off ! Let’s explore this thing for real.

First buttons I noticed are these : maxthon6

So let’s check’m out one by one.
The first one is ‘view source’. An option I use quite frequently, so it comes in handy that I have it there.
The second one is the icon of Macromedia’s Flash. It’s Flash Save 1.21 and it allows you to isolate and save Flash movies on any page that’s open in a tab. No more need to dig through your temp folders to find that cool animation or game, just save it. Much better.
If you click the third icon, the quote, an alert pops up that says : ‘ this button enables you to send SMS from your PC to any mobile in the world. To enable this function you must register as a user with our partner ZYB. Registering is free, and you get 5 free SMS upon registration’. Now that’s a cool feature. Little research tells us you’ll pay 8ct/sms from the sixth message you send. Also : “When you install the ZYB desktop client you can right click any text on the web and get it to your cell. It takes just two clicks.” Works on any webpage.
More info on these SMS services at [ZYB]
The fourth button says ‘EnableRightClick’. Umm. I don’t really get that. But you can click it on and off if you want to look busy. ;)

I was surprised to find an autodetect for RSS feeds on a page, but after some testing, I conclude there’s still a lot to be done here.
For instance, my own feed isn’t recognized, but I could locate the bug: Although the link on the page is correct, the dectection and auto-add function insert an extra ‘/’ in the url, so indeed it’s an error, but it ain’t mine.

Here’s an example of the alert that pops up :


Also, when you’re on a page with multiple feeds [This one, for example] it only detects one, feed, namely mine and thus generated another error. If the feed’s url doesn’t end on .xml, it doesn’t seem to be recognized, because no other notification was given although at least five good RSS feeds are listed here. Bit of a downer.

So then I checked out the sidebar. It has a link to ‘weather’. — That’s weight you can drop, unless you like researching the weather, with all respect for that.
There’s a link to M2-Bookmark, something that requires a username and password, which I don’t have.
Next button (I’m running bottom up in the sidebar here) is for RSS. The listed feeds are Reuters and Yahoo and some other general feeds, and the feeds from Maxthon. So I thought lets add a feed. Mine for instance. So I click the ‘Add’ button. Alert pops up, saying I need to install Chinese. I refuse. Error 404, in senseless characters. Seems I won’t be adding my feed here today.

Adding Nathan’s feed while surfing his site works just great and it looks like this :


The built-in RSS reader is really ok, very clean and styled lay-out. Titles, excerpts and timestamps are very clear, and the top right section of the screen displays all the current titles in the feed, in case you hate scrolling. Reader approved.

Back to the buttons : ‘Resources, – we’re half-way up -, opens up a general list of ‘general knowledge links’ of world facts . Good thing to have if you can’t use Google.

Things in the list : Telephone Directory (infobel), Flightbooker, WorldWeather (again), Online Calculator, Online Virus Scanner, Internet Connection Test (wtf?), Currency Rates, Stock Screener, … one more useful than the other. Ther service is there, it’s the gesture that counts.

Next up is ‘folder’ which lets you browse ‘MyComputer’ etc.
Next up is ‘history’, and clearly it lets you browse what’s in the cache.
Then the ‘favorites’, no further explaining needed and then… a feature that I find impressive.

Impressive is a serious understatement here. The search is VERY extended, I’ll list it up :

The ‘General’ tab lets you search in Google, All The Web, Alta Vista, Steady Search, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, Excite, Galaxy, MetaCrawler, AskJeeves & Killerinfo. That’s 12 engines.

So then you need to be careful (which I wasn’t). I checked all 12 boxes and entered ‘Coolz0r’ in the search box and hit the ‘enter’. Twelve tabs appeared at once, all with search results. Better do it one by one. Practice makes perfect. Heheh. Galaxy doesn’t do it though, it just opens up the page without auto-inputting the search string. You’ll have to re-enter it there.

On the right :
it will open 53 tabs with the query.


Then all other options have specific search engines for the topic they’re specialized in.

The list :

Software searches in : FileForum, FreewareFiles,, SnapFiles, SnapFiles Freeware & Tucows.

FileMirrors has following uptions : ‘Name Begins With’, ‘Name Contains’, ‘Name Equals’ & ‘Name Ends With’

Pictures performs a Google Image Search or a search in or PicSearch.

MP3’s takes a peep in : – Album, – Artist,, Astraweb,
Lycos Music & All The Web MP3

Coding tracks for : ASP/VbScript, C/C++, Delphi, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP & VB

Words searches the main web dictionaries for answers and matches. Examples used are :
Merriam-Webster online & thesaurus, &

News is very mainstream and looks in GoogleNews, YahooNews, BBC -, CNN -, ABC News, All The Web News & AltaVista News.

Last but not least, Products aims your search to, Yahoo Shopping, eBay or Walmart.

A lot of search, I tell yah !

Owkay. Last thing I’m going to point out is the ‘grouping’ option, I’ll do it by means of an example. To moderate my blog, I need to open a tab for (to ping it), a tab for (to ping a lot of things), a tab for (for comments) and maybe some other sites I regularly post on. I can use the ‘Save Windows As Group’ link in the menu to create a group that I’ll call ‘blog’. Later on, I can add any page to this group, or delete one, if needed. I then can have maxthon start up the browser with opening the group of sites I need.
I believe you could call this : controlled tabbed window management.

Nice ending for this tale : if you shut down the browser …


/browser approved, stays installed to check it out some more. If anything shocking happens, good or bad, I’ll blog it.

Try for yourself : [Download]

Hat Tip : [CasualJim]


Google Talk Is Live !

24 Aug 2005

Yey. It’s online ! Google’s instant messenger is airborne. This morning when I woke up, I found Randy’s invitation blinking in my inbox and I immediately joined this fresh service.
Then I got hooked up with a new GMail account because I accidentally clicked the first link in the invitation, instead of the second one right below.
(I was way too enthousiastic and was thinking ‘join-join-join-yes-yes-yes’, which kind of resulted in clicking the first link I saw without even reading the mail)
Then I wanted to delete the new GMail account (who needs two or more anyways) but that seemed impossible because it didn’t recognize the password I had just entered minutes before. So, Google if you read this : you can delete and I think maybe it could be I won’t be the only one with this problem.
Shortly after Randy, Nathan invited me too. Ow joy :) I never talked to Nathan in person.

Other remarks about the beta : okay, since it’s Google’s IM client, logical thinking implicates you need an address. If you haven’t got one yet you can contact me – I’ve got 50 invites left -, and Google just launched a service (overseas in the US and maybe Canada) that allows you to apply for an invite per text message.
But I think it’ll be sweet if other addresses could be used to join GoogleTalk. I know hotmail allows it, but it’s not a must.

The log-my-conversations can be opted-out on. I like that a lot.

Problem I’ve just encountered: current apps running allowing ‘Talk’ in general :
* Trillian (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ,IRC) , Skype and now GoogleTalk.

There should be a system of recognition between these apps so that my status on Skype
changes to ‘busy talking’ (when I’m talking on Google) and vice versa. If it wasn’t for Trillian, I’d be running another 4 or 5 apps extra to be able to talk to some friends on the different clients.

Situation now : I can talk to multiple people at once, on multiple applications. Google needs to mute or send a ‘busy’ signal to Skype when I’m talking, so that the calls can be diverted to the Skype voicemail. (Or so that the caller from Skype is informed I’m busy calling on another application) And also vice versa.

The quality of the signal is just great. I’ve been calling three times to test it. From Belgium to Ivan in New Zealand goes just great, no interruptions whatsoever, great quality of the sound. Same goes for the call to Nathan in NY. I don’t know if Nathan’s on a W-LAN, but I know Ivan is. I’m on cable. The connection went really well, so we tested that. The other problem there was, was with the call to Hans from the Netherlands. Geographically, it’s very close, but the connection really stuttered a lot. Perhaps it was because Hans is on W-LAN too, and his daughter was ‘upstairs’ downloading stuff and chatting . Otherwise, no complaints about the quality of the service.

Very good feature is the ’select from my contacts’ option when you click the ‘add friends’ link in the bottom right corner of the main interface.

I still need to find out how to change my nickname, I doesn’t seem very obvious to me… I can’t locate it. Perhaps it’s based on the GMail settings, but I don’t want the appearance of my e-mails to change, so I think there must be a way to fix it, without messing up the GMail settings.

GoogleTalk for Mac ? No sign yet. :(

Read [All About GoogleTalk] and [download] it

So now I’m going to have to base my friendship on the apps my friends-to-be are running. I can’t connect to all of them at once. I want just one program that covers it all. One great tool that allows me to talk to anyone, no matter what service they are on. If they use AIM and I’m on GoogleTalk, I think we should be able to talk. How come everybody has to open up an account somewhere at the service to be able to talk the users of that service?

I mean if I’m on a cell phone network called ‘one’ I can still call to a friend who’s using network ‘two’ for his mobile. I mean, suppose cingular would say it no longer will connect you to numbers that are not on their network – it would be a scandal. Yet still, with all these chat clients around, this is the active policy today.

Something else I’m missing, and of which I think Google has the capacity to do it, is to be able to send a message to someone who’s not online at that time. ICQ has this great feature that when I send a message to an offline user, the message gets delivered as soon as that user connects again. That’s a really good thing I’d like to have on GoogleTalk.


No Christmas In London & Links for August 23rd

23 Aug 2005

The last few days have been very hard. I’ve been studying very intensively, so I didn’t really had the time to check up on the things. I’m also planning to leave behind a little something for the readers of the blog for when I’m on vaction. It’s going to be footage, and it’ll be a lot. You’ll see. — In the meanwhile, I’ve cleaned up my aggregator and lined up some stories you can go read elsewhere, because in fact I’ve got nothing interesting to say.

* Google got a patent today for the geocoding technology that allows a geocode (latitude, longitude) to be generated for a postal address.

* There’s a new sourcode for AdSense that allows webmaster to target the zone on a page of which they prefer Google to generate a content-based ad on.

* You can geo-locate your photostream with SmugSmug.

* There’s also a simple piece of source that can be used to suck up the WWW Robots. Adding these simple links () will redirect email harvesting bots to trap sites that will feed it with an almost infinite loop of dynamically generated fake email addresses, mostly on known spammer owned domains! This will render their harvested lists pratically useless and of no commercial value. [Check out SpamPoison]

* [SearchEngineLowdown] list the details of and points to [a press release about a survey] that analyzed the online behavior of its panel of two million internet users as well as a survey of over 785 internet users that used search to help them with their most recent wireless purchase over a 12-month period. By year’s end 23.9 million consumers will perform a search online for wireless service, representing over $12.6 billion in potential annual service revenue.

* Robert Moog, whose name became synonymous with electronic music in the 1960s and ’70s through the invention of his self-named synthesizers, has died in Asheville, N.C. He was 71.

* The AdSense Status is also a tool that allows you to keep track of your earnings and stats.

* [Laundry View] provides a way for college students to communicate with washers and dryers in campus laundry rooms. via [Textually]

* TechDirt has a story about crackers who’re actually improving Windows, with Microsoft not being too happy about it.


The Poor Work Harder & Other Leads

21 Aug 2005

The first week of the exams is behind me, and I think I did well enough to pass all four I got signed up for. I could’ve done better – no doubt and as usual – but we’ll see. Looking back to something you just did, there’s always things you should’ve-could’ve-would’ve had done differently. Regular posting seems to have been postponed to the 17th of september, because my beautiful girlfriend’s planning a vacation to some funky tropical resort in the first week. The only thing I asked for is : a beach, a hammock and cocktails with little straw hats. Then when I get back, I’ve got to participate in a teambuilding weekend from the 13th ’til the 16th. So… I’ll keep linking stuff for as much as I can during the next two weeks of letter-eating, knowledge-digesting study, but I’ll stop when I get on the plane. As for today, there’s two cool pics I’d like to share and I’ve cleaned out my Juice Reader and selected the best articles and leads. Here goes :


There’s a blog where I read this as a suggestion, but I’ve forgotten what the blog’s name was. But I liked the idea and I claim no credits to this joke. (Left in the copyright too) If I find it again, I’ll link to it, if you find me first, mister suggestor, please let me know so I can credit you.

This one’s from [ExperienceTheMessage], one of the coolest blogs I’ve found lately. I’ll have to link it up, but I’m still checking it out. For now, this guy’s totally ok ! Check it out for yourself, and be up to date with what lives in experiental marketing.


Isn’t this a cool plan to keep them from hassling your customers? If they’re there, why not let them work for you? *** Although I must say this guy’s selling out everything punk stands for.

Quote : “I hope not to make an asinine comparison, but this difference can be analogous to marketing practices here and there, to the rich and to the poor. The poor work harder, and so do the marketers trying to reach them.” [ExperienceTheMessage]

This last quote brings me to my next lead, with thanx to Martin from [Movil]

[ABC News] covered a story about Ben Rogovy, a 22-year-old University of Washington graduate, who says the homeless and panhandlers are an untapped labor force, and he’s putting them to work.

“A budding Seattle entrepreneur looking for a low-cost marketing campaign says he’s found an inexpensive and highly visible tool to publicize his Web site — he calls it “bum-vertizing.”

From the Juice Reader :

* “During the first six months of 2005, more than 50 million identities were lost or stolen in a series of high-profile data breaches across the United States. Thanks to search engines, many can be easily found.” [More...]

* “IO2 Technology launched a display which projects video images onto thin air, ”
You got to to see this, if they manage to get it back online. [More...]

* [IT Conversations] had Scoble over for a chat. Good thing to listen to. Thanx [Hans].

* “using Interactiv’s Java-based JOCA app, ‘mobile phone users are able to screen the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia within a few seconds’,” says [MobHappy].

* “Imagine watching a football match on a TV that not only shows the players in three dimensions but also lets you experience the smells of the stadium and maybe even pat a goalscorer on the back.” [More...] – 3D-TV is about to arrive.
Tune in today! It’s only a decade away.

* “SBC Communications has chosen Motorola and Scientific-Atlanta set-top boxes for the company’s upcoming Internet TV service.” [More...]

* “8×8 inc, that provides the Packet 8 broadband Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and videophone communications service has launched an interactive online community.”

* An all time high of 83.9 million domain names has been reached, according to Verisign.

* Check out MobilCast by Melodeo : ” Mobilcast simplifies the process of finding and listening to Podcasts. Mobilcast lets you download Podcasts to your mobile phone, over the air. With a few simple steps you will be listening to Podcasts when you want, on the one device you carry with you every day-your mobile phone.”

* Adobe blogs - and they’re doing it great.

* I got e-interviewed by Randy for the iBLOGthere4iM-blog. Cool.


Laptop Lockers & Links for August 15th

15 Aug 2005

Enjoy reading. I’ll be back. ;)

* AOL just took the new storefront for mobile users out of its beta.
* NeVon looks at the possibilities of ‘paid podcasts’. Huge market, right here !
* Sony W800 – the walkman-music-player-phone is about to hit the stores.

* Get ready for GoogleNet, the wi-fi Google
* TalkDigger Beta. - Check Who’s Talking – RSS’ize any URL to track it.
* MSN Mobile Search adds Local Search although, [there's something wrong] with the image.
* Search Engines, meet the television set !

* Sign Up for Movil’s Beta ! Make a private, closed network for friends !

* Evil Marketing with Community
* All American YahooID owners can send free sms messages.
* A peek into ‘Mobile Web Design’

* Wikipedia : Evil Viral Marketing – Get your filthy ads out of our content !
* Anonymizing Google’s Cookie – Keep the benefits, dump the info.

* The Laptop Locker, possibly hitting a school or office building near you soon.

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