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Lego SkyScraper

30 Nov 2006

i really like the Lego-take on this icon of photographic art. On the one hand you can say that it’s been done before, and sure, you’re right when you say that. But on the other hand, replacing all the builders with kids puts the message in an entirely different perspective. Lego turns kids into builders and therefor, Lego can be entitled to claim this remake without feeling bad about ripping of a concept of a picture that has won a gazillion awards in the past. This picture has the true Lego values embedded inside, and it’s a solid message. It might not be understood by the target audience, it might not be interpreted in the right way if you don’t know the message behind it. But the second look at the concept has nothing but positive thoughts. I think this remake can have the same success as the original one, looking at the quality of the image, the ‘fun’ cluster behind the brand message and the widely-spread print-outs of the original. This one’s a keeper, for sure.

Based on the original photograph titled
Lunch Atop a Skyscraper’ by Charles Ebbets, 1932
Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany
Via: AdsOfTheWorld


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PlayStation Season: Volume

29 Nov 2006

The PlayStation Season is a partnership between PlayStation and 5 international public arts institutions renowned for an innovative approach to arts programming – BALTIC, the V&A, ENO, Sadler’s Wells and the BFI. One of the projects that’s on exhibition from November 24th to January 27th is the Volume project. In the V&A museum in London a display of an interactive installation has been set up in the John Madejski Garden. ‘Volume’ is a sculpture of light and sound, an array of light columns positioned in the center of the garden. The installation responds to human movement, creating a series of audio-visual experiences. ‘Volume’ is a collaboration between lighting designers United Visual Artists (UVA), Robert Del Naja (aka 3D) of Massive Attack, and his long-term co-writer Neil Davidge.


V&A Museum
PlayStation Season

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The Pants Whisperer

29 Nov 2006

There’s a themed site for Durex (the condom brand) which is called ‘The Pants Whisperer’. On the site you go to an over enthusiastic therapist who’s overjoyed about penises (and the surrounding christmas decoration). Funny questions as ‘If I would offer you one million dollars for a night with your penis, what would you say?’ can only be answered by clicking on of the three ‘Yes’ buttons that appear. There’s also a penis name generator (apparently mine is ‘Ron the hammer of Thor’). Hilarious moments. Stories about the origin of the word testicle and lots more of comic relief assure you pleasure for a little while. Yet another great moment in penis history. In the ‘bang it’ section, consumers are invited to upload short clips of people or things they’ve been banging. Police cars, deers… you name it. You can see the site’s not been around for long yet, because there’s only a handful of short clips in the archive. I think the background music is totally cool. It reminds me of ‘muzak’ and tv-dinner music from the 50s and 60s.

The Pants Whisperer

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26 Nov 2006

Cool. Last Friday I had to go to Brussels to the buildings of the Ministery of Education to defend the project I’ve developed for i-merge while I was doing my internship there. Apparently people liked it very much. Of the 10.000 graduates, a thousand final projects got sent in. Of those 1000, mine ended up with the last 36. So these 36 people had to come and explain their project to a jury that was constructed out of prominent people of all the participating schools and the sponsoring companies.

Well apparently the jury was quite satisfied, seeing I got 170 or something points and became the first of all entries. So together with ten others, I received the Bachelor Award of excellence for 2006 (the sectors were varying from architecture to marketing) and got a certificate that stated I won plus a small amount of cash. Yeey.

I never really thought I’d make it this far, but apparently I did. Thank you, everyone who helped me and encouraged me. Thank you a lot. This is just great. I’ll try to make some time and translate everything I wrote in English and have the project available if possible. For now I’m just really happy.

See all the winners here.


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Sugar Me

25 Nov 2006

My colleague Dominique sent around these great images from a campaign for sugar. Here’s a nice example of communication for a sector that uses a product that has been the target of many pressure groups. Sugar is and always has been (and most likely always will be) the root of all evil in food – next to fat. However, sugar isn’t bad. It’s not evil. Producing products with sugar in it isn’t a crime. Sugar can be delicious, but just like alcohol or cheese, you can use too much of it, and it’s only at this point that it does more harm than good. So where does that leave you, as a consumer of the substance? You can either ban the product and its derivatives from your life, that’s one option. Then you can start telling others not to use, that is called activism. Lastly, you can start attacking the producers of the products. That is called lame. Diseases and health issues aren’t caused by the existence of a product. They are caused by abusing and misusing the product. At this point, decent information is needed, not an anti-campaign. So. What can you do if your product or one of its ingredients is the victim of an anti-campaign? Right. Prepare the anti-anti-campaign. :)

Agency: Publicis Conseil
Thanks Dominique


Happy Thanksgiving !

23 Nov 2006

Dear American readers, I wish you a very very happy Thanksgiving today. Let there be love and friendship, and hopefully for longer than just for this day. In case you didn’t quite know how to prepare it, I’ve listed the best recipe ever for “orange and maple roasted turkey” below. Enjoy dinner, enjoy the day off, enjoy your family and friends.

Yummy turkey

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Extreme Performance

23 Nov 2006

Some beauties from Duval Guillaume Antwerp for Komatsu Europe, a supplier of construction and mining equipment. Very strong visuals with a good sense of humor. Attractive artwork that really hits that sweet spot when you look at them. I love the take on architectural icons like Big Ben and Stonehenge and the image where the moon is being lifted really speaks to the imagination of the viewer. Really impressive. The style of the ads reveals there’s been a lot of thinking on how to get this right, and it worked out just fine. Every sample has a trigger to a story behind it, just like it’s supposed to be.

1. Big Ben: Call the experts for real power
2. Everest: Call the experts for any challenge
3. Moon: Call the experts for maximum power at high reach
4. Stonehenge: Call the experts for any building challenge

Client: Komatsu Europe
Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp (Belgium)
Account: Matthieu Dewinter
Creative Directors: Geoffrey Hantson, Dirk Domen
Copy: Manuel Ostyn, Pieter Staes
Art Directors: Pieter Staes, Manuel Ostyn
Photographer: Koen De Muynck
Media: Magazines


Carpet Care

23 Nov 2006

These ads for 3M Scotchguard are a bit weird. On the one hand I like the lightness of the design and the way the straight lines of the interior are broken by the glass and cup on the carpet. On the other hand the message gets a little lost in the over-calculated structure of the concept. The way I see these images, the 3M Scotchguard product makes stains ‘run away’ or ‘fly away’, but I still think there’s plenty of room for improvement. I love the creative approach on the fluids though, that’s the strong point of the ads. Other than that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a living room or bedroom that loungy and sterile in my life, which then again makes me wonder about the target audience. Housewives or yuppies who had their interior designed by professionals? If it’s the first, I think the images don’t fit in. If it’s the second, I doubt the target group would even care about a stain on the carpet. They’d have a professional cleaner take care of it. What do you think?



Copy: “Effortless Carpet Care – Scotchguard Protector 3M”

Client: 3M Scotchgard
Agency: Dentsu (Belgium)
Account Team: Christine Hammarqvist, Valerie Dejolier
Creative Director: Wain Choi
Copy: Yves Cwajgenbaum
Art Director: Cedric Mayence
Photographer: Pascal Habousha
Retouching: Tim@Studio Habousha
Media: Magazines