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Baygon Slap

31 May 2006

Here’s a simple execution for Baygon’s anit-mosquito spray. These three people all have a print on their face from a slap. They either slapped theirselves, or somebody else slapped them. It’s funny, because it’s true. I wouldn’t hesitate to slap myself in the face because some irritating buzzer decided to feast on my warm and tasty blood. It happened to me already that I ran around like this. Baygon is the solution to the non-masochists amongst us. If you need to get rid of the flying bullies painlessly and you’re tired of slapping yourself, you should try the spray can.

Slap 1

Slap 2

Slap 3

Copy:”Kill mosquitoes. Painlessly.”

Art: Rajesh Gola
Copy: Shiveshwar
Photography: Dubs
Agency: FCB Ulka, Delhi

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Blast From The Past

31 May 2006

It’s always funny to see where we came from. Same goes for advertising. In the Ad*Access database, ads from the past are being stored for your viewing pleasure. Divided amongst 5 categories, more than 4000 ads have been archived. Ad*Access is created by the John Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History. If you’ve got some time to spare, pleasure assured for hours and days!


I use deodo like talcum

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Affiliate Your Affiliates

31 May 2006

Randy pointed me to a nice affiliate program that JotSpot is running. When you recruit affiliates to join JotSpot’s affiliate program, you earn a commission equal to 20% of your referrals’ earnings. Which is pretty cool. You earn $1 per lead, and up to $199.95 per sale! When you refer a person to JotSpot and he tries the product, you automatically make $1. When that person becomes a paying customer, you will earn a commission equal to that person’s subscription rate for one month. If someone chooses JotSpot’s Company Plan, you will earn a commission of $199.95!

You make $25 for the first person you get to try JotSpot, every other lead gets you $1. Become an affiliate and maybe we can buy an island together…
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Windows Live Session London

31 May 2006

Darren Straight interviewed Phil Holden when we were in London at the Windows Live Road Show, and it’s all on tape. He’s put the links to the videos on his blog, so if you head over to his spot, you can check them out. Great job, Darren! Thanks!

Darren Straight & Phil Holden

Check out Darren’s blog | Read my review of the event


Axe Keeps It Dry

31 May 2006

Claudio from TheseDays posted a video from Axe where two pizza makers named Mario and Giorgio are trying to make the best pizzas to satisfy a crowd of crazy women. The concept is pretty funny and indeed as Claudio says, “be warned next time you eat pizza”…

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Vodafone Mobile Viral

30 May 2006

Here’s a great timewaster of the day: choose your office and see what you can do with it. :) Hilarious promotional action. A killer for everyone who works in a corporate environment! Who needs a desk anyway with the new wireless solutions of Vodafone Mobile?

Vodafone Desk Destroyer

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Ads In A Wallet

30 May 2006

One way to have a certain captive audience is to put it on a place where anyone will definitely read it. For instance: a lost/forgotten wallet. No one will leave it alone when they see one unattended. Of course they’ll pick it up and open it, not to see how much money is inside (no, of course not) but to check for ID papers so they can return it to the owner in all honesty. The ‘Talent‘ agency in Sao Paulo created a playful campaign for curious people and left a bunch of wallets around town. Inside the wallet was an ad on a a sticker that said something like “You’ve found a wallet. Now find out how to fill it up, read the economic section of Estadão”. This campaign for the “Caderno de Economia do Estadão”, a financial (section of a) newspaper, is an example of really clever thinking, and you’ll get a 100% interested audience.

Lost Wallet

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Welt Kompakt Meets Bush

30 May 2006

Hehehe. You gotta love this. Here’s the truth as it was printed. A brilliant execution of this lovely concept. Especially the short and powerful tagline: ‘Said. Printed.’ It’s very strong. The idea is simple though. Just put a large poster around the newspaper dispenser and you get an installation like this:

Welt Kompakt 1

Welt Kompakt 2

Title: Newspaper Dispenser Poster “Bush”
Agency: Jung von Matt/Spree
Creative Directors: Jan Harbeck, David Mously

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