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Personal Note

30 Jun 2006

Okay. Today I graduated. No more school, no more being a student. Life can be sweet. I’ve booked a nice hotel for sunday, monday and tuesday at the coast. I’ll be chilling on the beach with my lovely princess to take a small break and destress. Got to recharge for a moment.

Feels good to finally have a diploma. Damn, how I’ve longed for this moment. I still don’t regret having made the decision to go back to college after 4 years of working. And now, it paid off. I’ve officially joined the full-time working crowd.

Last month I signed my contract at i-merge, the interactive brandbreeding agency. I’ll be on the strategic/creative team, deploying my skills and having fun.

“Any last words?” a teacher asked me while he handed me ‘the’ papers. To which I replied: “Carpe Diem. Motherf*ckers.”


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Toyota Rear View Camera

30 Jun 2006

This campaign for Toyota has been launched in the land down under and promotes the new Prius car with built-in rear view camera. I like this campaign because of its simplicity and nice angle of approach. What you see as a viewer of these ads is exactly what you’ll see on the screen in your car (hence the ‘As Seen On TV’ slogan). Far too often, accidents happen because things are going on outside the driver’s sight. These accidents can be avoided really easily, if only the driver could see and know. And now he can. This rear view cam should come with every car as a standard feature. For the benefit of all children and objects that aren’t big enough to pop-up above the trunk. Toyota has always promoted itself as ’safe’. With the rear view camera they extended the safety of the people in the car to the most vulnerable road users around the car. A noble gesture, and a well-deserved silver lion in Cannes backs up this thought.

Toyota Prius 1

Toyota Prius 2

Toyota Prius 3

Category: Cars & Automotive Services
Advertiser: Toyota
Product or Service: Toyota Prius With Rear View Camera
Advertising Agency, City: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney
Country: Australia
Creative Director: Nobby
Copywriter: Jason Ross
Art Director: Noah Regan
Photographer: Virginia Woods-jack
Account Supervisor: David Minkin
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Andrew Caie


Nokia Excuses

30 Jun 2006

This cool campaign for Nokia helps people to cover their lies or to deliver phony excuses (pun intended). It reminds me of the Logitech Webcam commercial that went viral a while ago, which I’ve uploaded to YouTube back then. I think it’s pretty clever of both Nokia and Logitech to play into man’s nature to lie or ‘disguise the truth’ to avoid saying what they’re up to or revealing why they can’t come to someone’s party. These billboards were placed around town, inviting people to use them as backgrounds for video calls. Let’s hope no cars honked the horn while passing by. Good luck, liars :)
This beauty has been awarded with a silver lion, the Cannes way.

Nokia Excuses 1

Nokia Excuses 2

Nokia Excuses 3

Nokia Excuses 4

Category: Home Appliances/Furnishings/Electronics & Audio-Visual
Advertiser: Nokia
Product or Service: Nokia Video Calling
Advertising Agency, City: Generator, Auckland
Country: New Zealand
2nd Advertising Agency, City: Y&R New Zealand, Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Creative Director: Tony Bradbourne
Copywriter: Steve Mccabe
Art Director: Tony Bradbourne


Illegal Planting

29 Jun 2006

Friends of the Earth illegally planted trees to focus attention on the worldwide illegal cutting down of trees. Overnight 60 illegally planted trees appeared in the big cities of the Netherlands. While planting six people had been arrested and some of the trees where confiscated. (source) Friends of the Earth Netherlands is part of the worldwide organisation Friends Of The Earth International. The campaign has received a bronze lion for ‘Outdoor’ in Cannes.

Friends Of The Earth

Category: Ambient: Stunts & Live Advertising
Title: Illegal Planting
Advertiser: Friends Of The Earth Netherlands / Milieudefensie
Product or Service: Environmental Awareness
Advertising Agency, City: Hallelujah Law & Kenneth, Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Creative Director: Matthieu Elvers/Peter Van Der Helm
Copywriter: Matthieu Elvers
Art Director: Peter Van Der Helm
Typographer: Sander Slager
Account Supervisor: Martyn Willet
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Jasper Korff


Smoking Kills

29 Jun 2006

That’s nothing new. More and more the smokers are being driven to the margin of society. Like sick cattle they’re kept apart from ‘the good ones’ of the flock. The disgusted eyes that lay upon you when you light up a ciggie and want to kick back with a smoke are increasing every day. “You’re the weak link, you’re killing yourself. You’re going to die.” Should you chose to ignore all these messages and still want to go to the crappy, smelly corner the law has left for you in the basement of the building or somewhere in a dark shed, you’ll be hunted there as well. This ambient installment tries to bring the message across that when you smoke, you’re dying. No, you’re already dead, you just don’t know it yet.

Six Feet Under

Awarded with a bronze lion for ‘Outdoor’ in Cannes.

Category: Ambient: Special Build
Title: Cemetery
Advertiser: Cancer Patients Aid Association
Product or Service: Anti-smoking message
Advertising Agency, City: Everest Brand Solutions, Mumbai
Country: India
Creative Director: Milind Dhaimade
Copywriter: Sundar Iyer
Art Director: Nishant Jethi
Photographer: Sandeep Suvarna
Illustrator: Avinash Mahadik
Typographer: Nishant Jethi
Account Supervisor: Anant Pal Singh
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Anita Peter


Cross-Track Projection

29 Jun 2006

Hmm. I finally started catching up on the feed reader. I noticed I overlooked this item that appeared last week at the BBC News site:

Giant advertisement films are to be beamed on to London Underground platform walls.

Replacing posters on the walls opposite the platforms from the start of next year, the advertisements will be shot across from projectors installed above passengers’ heads.

Full colour and even high-definition, the “cross-track projection” system will be installed at an initial 24 stations in Zone One.

Fully computer-controlled, in addition to advertisements, it will also be able to beam across everything from football scores to lottery results.

The technology, part of a £25m digital investment programme that is also seeing LCD television screens installed up and down escalators, is being introduced by advertising giant Viacom Outdoor.


LCD & Projections

Notice how zero out of 4 people are checking out the LCD screens on the escalator. I wonder how that comes. I’m also thinking the original ’soap’ stories might come back to live with short (sponsored) 5-minute episodes that are being broadcasted during morning or evening rush hours while people are waiting for their rides. Since mobisodes (soap episodes for mobile devices) are already being made, it would be a small effort to extend the line to these media channels. We’ll see where this is going. Cool trend though.

Read more on BBC News


50.000 Buttons

29 Jun 2006

50.000 buttons were pinned on a wall, each printed with a single word representing one of a hundred possible responses to contemporary art. The public was free to walk away with as many buttons as they wanted in this interactive promotional installation for the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver. Imagine the hours of work somebody spent to create this piece of art. It must have taken a few days to get this together. The message on the wall reads “This is contemporary art”. The installment was rewarded with bronze in the Outdoor category in Cannes. Nice work, really.

50.000 buttons

Category: Ambient: Stunts & Live Advertising
Title: Button Wall
Advertiser: Contemporary Art Gallery
Product or Service: Art Gallery
Advertising Agency, City: RETHINK, Vancouver
Country: Canada
Creative Director: Chris Staples/Ian Grais
Copywriter: Chris Staples
Art Director: Ian Grais
Account Supervisor: Joanne Turner


Corruption Magnifier

28 Jun 2006

Corruption in Argentina is a serious issue, that’s why a communication event was held to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the NGO ‘Poder Ciudadano’, emphasizing its main objective: ‘to control the iratitutions’ (don’t know if I got that word right). To do this, a magnifying glass was placed in front of the Government House, the Congress and the Courts. This drew a lot of attention from the press and the public opinion. Cannes thought it was good enough for an Outdoor Bronze.

Poder Ciudadano

Category: Ambient: Special Build
Title: Magnifying Glass
Advertiser: Poder Ciudadano
Product or Service: Government Institutional Awareness
Advertising Agency, City: Kepel & Mata, Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Creative Director: Damián Kepel/Sebastián Castañeda/Maureen Hufnagel
Copywriter: Sebastián Castañeda
Art Director: Maureen Hufnagel
Account Supervisor: Gonzalo Fasón
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Guillermo Correa