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Silky Hair

31 Oct 2007

This touchy-feely ad for Pantene got installed between two moving staircases. When people would go up or down, they could brush their hands through the hair and feel the effect of the shampoo. The slagon reads: “Silky touch. Irresitibly smooth”. I’m pretty sure that would have worked for the first 500 passers-by, but if it’s a crowded place, which I’m sure Shanghai is, then I doubt the silky smoothy experience would last. Sweaty hands, remains of food etc… I don’t want to be the last one to touch that hair, that’s for sure.
But I like the idea. Nice work.

Pantene 1

Pantene 2

Agency: Lem, Shanghai, China
Art Director / Photographer: Linhua
Copywriters: Aronix, Gann
Via: AdsOfTheWorld


The Last Day At Work

30 Oct 2007

So, you’ve decided you hate your job and want to explore new roads. Somewhere out there is that perfect job, the one you’ve dreamt of for all these years. Maybe you already have a new job in sight. Just one tiny detail left: making sure they let you go fast. You need to get out of that old company without further ado. So. Here’s one way to do it: proceed to your average normal lunchroom/company restaurant. Sit down with your colleagues, and make it a lunch to remember. :-)

Thanks, Dave


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Pee For Free

29 Oct 2007

To promote their free online e-accounts, Dutch bank ING had their agency come up with a pretty funny idea: a virtual toilet. In just a few clicks you can have your virtual self release that tension and carry on surfing. What exactly the link is between going to the toilet and opening an e-account seems a bit of a far fetched link from some creatives who’ve spend a little too much time at the drawing board, I guess. But let’s stick with the idea that opening an e-account should be as easy as going to the toilet. Mind you, in real life I’d never take so much time to listen to the toilet lady and even virtually it takes too much time in my [humble] opinion before the link with the actual product is made. The mashed-up fashion brands during the pee-time spent (as a man) is pretty funny though and if you go pee as a girl, and that is truly the biggest gag in the clip, you need to invite a friend because “girls don’t go to the bathroom alone now do they”. Hah ! Brilliant !

Anyhow: Here’s a little timewaster for you: [click to play]

Campaign site
Agency: Emakina, Belgium

Thanks, Bert


Last Longer With Durex

29 Oct 2007

Heheh. Totally the opposite of what Duval Guillaume did for Che Magazine, but a bit similar in concept is this funny campaign for Durex. Indeed, if you can keep performing with images as these in your love nest, the product definitely has its merit. The Performa range of Durex contains benzocaine, which helps men last longer in bed. To highlight this product benefit, DDB Auckland from New Zealand distributed limited edition pillow sleeves at Erotica, New Zealand’s biggest annual sex expo. As a result, the Durex stand was inundated, increasing sales by 28%. It was such a hit with the guys that hundreds more pillow cases were printed and sold in D.vice sex stores as a continuation of the promotion.
Looks like the perfect christmas gift for a dear friend. :)

Advertising Agency: DDB Auckland, New Zealand
Photographer: Matt Baker
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Art Directors: James Tucker, Emmanual Bougneres
Copywriters: Simon Vicars, Mike Felix
Assistant Producer: Nick Conetta
Via: AdsOfTheWorld


Fight For Kisses

29 Oct 2007

A quite popular clip on the rise these last weeks seems to be the ‘Fight For Kisses’ campaign for Wilkinson. As much as I like the idea behind this action, the site itself is kind of a bummer. You can download a game, a soft cook-off of the well known “Street Fighter” from back in the 90s. And that is exactly where things go wrong. The commercial is a great job, and I really like it, but in my opinion it should have ended there. Agreed, they say on the site that the game is fictional. But having an adult fight against a baby is just plain silly. The wallpaper section is a bit of a turn down too and seems to be more aimed at the femail market segment than towards the men. If your entire commercial is about men fighting for kisses to get mommy’s attention, then you don’t put wallpapers in it of other men with well-shaped muscles.
Wroooong audience ! :)


Video: Fight For Kisses
Campaign website

Thanks, Tom


8 Unfortunate Logos

27 Oct 2007

Arnaud sent me some logos of companies from around the world. Big deal, you’d say. I think these ones are ’special’. Either the designer was really pissed off and wanted to screw over the customer, or the sales rep is a very very good storyteller and convinced the client they would really work. I’m still undecided but I don’t think that any sane person would ever agree upon having his/her business being represented by an unfortunate logo as the ones below. What do you think?

Funny Logos 1

1. Institute for Oriental languages

Funny Logos 2

2. Kids furniture and clothing store

Funny Logos 3

3. Italian fashion brand

Funny Logos 4

4. A pediatric center

Funny Logos 5

5. Dental clinic

Funny Logos 6

6. Drugstore specialized in back injuries

Funny Logos 7

7. Hot-Dog Boutique

Funny Logos 8

8. PC repair store

Thanks, Arns


Back From Switzerland

27 Oct 2007

I spent most of the past week at a very chilly place, high up in the Swiss mountains. Totally disconnected from the net I had some time out with some colleagues for a team offsite of the DPE (developer platform evangelism) TimeZone Audience Marketing & Win The Web team. It was actually one of the best offsites I ever went to and I had a super great time. I took a bunch of pictures too. If you’re in to seeing some people you don’t know and a lot of cool wallpapery scenes, feel free to check out the Flickr set.


How To Deal With Telemarketers

19 Oct 2007