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FIFA 3 Street: WoW

18 Feb 2008

I came across a very cool trailer for FIFA3, which then lead me to a superb website that allows you to see and learn all the cool moves from the clip. I’m totally stunned. This really is amazing and the promo site must have cost a truckload of money because it looks very slick! Check this out:

Video: FIFA3 Street

Click the image to go to the site:

It must be the child within me that admires these supernatural skills and probably the long forgotten dream to run around with 21 other morons on a football field, chasing a round leather rabbit, but somewhere… I’ve always wanted to be a super pro footballer. Just like almost every sane man, I think. The thing is, I dug up my soccer ball again and actually started to try out the moves to make me feel better. And it helps.


Hello World: Stella

11 Feb 2008

This morning my sister gave birth to a wonderful and super tiny young girl named Stella. I’m going to be the godfather, and I think I’m already totally in love :) Welcome to the world, Stella! I went to the hospital during lunch and snapped these little images to share them with the world:




Stats: 48 cm large, 3 kilos heavy and the cutest face in the universe!

(For John: 105.82 ounces and 18.89 inches)


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Marketing Interview And Such

08 Feb 2008

There’s a super cool site I tend to visit a few times a week, just to browse through their archive and laugh myself silly with their hilarious geek jokes. The site’s called XKCD, and they publish a new toon every few days. If you’re not on track with this one, you’re missing out on some great fun!

Marketing Interview
Online Package Tracking
90s Flow Chart

This is just a tiny selection of their 300+ archive, and all I can say is: you’ve just got to go check it out… so many memories and ‘aha-erlebnis’ moments.


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Being Remarkable

08 Feb 2008

Whenever you’re in Orlando, chances are you’ll see a car like this driving around. All I can say is, even though I’ve been in Orlando and went out for dinner quite a few times, there’s only one place I remember where you can eat ‘the best lobsters in town’… I wonder why that is.


Great stunt for the Boston Lobster Feast!


The Power Of Marketing

08 Feb 2008

It’s a fact that if you are a marketeer, a lot depends on how well you can wrap up your message to sell your product. Presentation is everything. The way you propose your product, supported by testimonials and based on facts that have been broadcasted on international TV stations will definitely determine the success of a product. Word of mouth will also help you out a bit, because nowadays, people very often rely on the statements their peers make before they decide to purchase a product. The perfect illustration of a great marketing stunt is the (most likely photoshopped) product below. Needless to say, this is so much more than the bare product could ever be. This carries a story, and stories sell. Even when this is a fake, it points out exactly what marketing is all about. You can make people want something, and they’ll be happy to pay a little more for it, as long as you succeed in wrapping it up nicely before you deliver.

Not JUST a paperclip

Lesson learned.


1 Unfortunate Logo

08 Feb 2008

A few months ago I did a post about 8 unfortunate company logos. Recently I came across another logo that really could fit in well with the others. I’m not really sure it’s in Spanish, because I can’t really translate it, but the pic has been sent to me by a friend who found it on the web. Since it’s travelling around, I thought I’d post it here. Thing is, when it comes to picking the right company name, please make sure the abbreviation is not ambiguous in other languages. Chances are if a company like this depends on tourists to survive, I don’t think it will be quite as popular :)


Thanks, Kristof


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The Future Of 1967

05 Feb 2008

Aaaaages ago, when the ‘pc on every desktop’ meme still had to be dreamed of and DOS wasn’t coded yet, a company named the Philco-Ford Corporation launched a pretty foreseeing prototype video of the technology they would see arrive in the homes of people. Philco-Ford was funny enough an aeronautical company, but the devices they’ve placed in the living room or in dad’s home office look a lot like the ones you’d see in the early Bond movies. Despite the age of the movie, things like online shopping, home surveillance, automated backups and online payments were already being discussed. The movie is estimated to be of 1967. Enjoy the flashback.

Video: Digital Life in 1967