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The Power Of Marketing

08 Feb 2008

It’s a fact that if you are a marketeer, a lot depends on how well you can wrap up your message to sell your product. Presentation is everything. The way you propose your product, supported by testimonials and based on facts that have been broadcasted on international TV stations will definitely determine the success of a product. Word of mouth will also help you out a bit, because nowadays, people very often rely on the statements their peers make before they decide to purchase a product. The perfect illustration of a great marketing stunt is the (most likely photoshopped) product below. Needless to say, this is so much more than the bare product could ever be. This carries a story, and stories sell. Even when this is a fake, it points out exactly what marketing is all about. You can make people want something, and they’ll be happy to pay a little more for it, as long as you succeed in wrapping it up nicely before you deliver.

Not JUST a paperclip

Lesson learned.


Video Seeding For Professionals

28 Jan 2008

I remember that whenever I had to do some ‘casual seeding’ for a promo video for an agency, I had a document with all the usernames and passwords of the sites I would dump the file to. It would take me up to a day to drill down that list, surf to the site and log in, upload the video, wait for the encoding and then bookmark the url of the clip to track the number of views afterwards. I know seeding promotonial clips has taken a downfall a bit, since not all communities are that keen on ‘being abused’ by ‘yet another agency that wants to score’ with a clip in the hopes it goes viral. So. Here is a solution that can make some people very pissed, but at the same time would come in very handy for an agency to start the seeding and save a lot of time.
In comes Hey!Spread

First thing to do the ‘undercover work’ is to have some sleeping accounts. Just go to the sites listed below and register for an account. You better start making those on beforehand, even when you don’t have a clip to seed. You can put some ‘general’ funny clips on the account and pretend to be a regular user. It’s good to have a history on a site. The longer the better. It’s good to have some activity on that account as well, it will add up to your credibility. Write down all the usernames and passwords and then head over to the Hey!Spread website.

With a simple login, you get access to their service, name your movie, tag it and start the uploading. Hey!Spread will upload your movie to:

All the links above go directly to the registration page of the sites, so in case you don’t have a username/password on that site yet, you don’t have to look for the signup page.

Hey!Spread also allows you to add a watermark to the video file, in case you want to brand it for an official release or something. As soon as you start uploading your file, all you have to do is sit back and relax. The only thing you have to wait for is the processing time of each individual video site. When everything is uploaded, you get the URL to the location of the uploaded clip. Just copy-paste that list, put it in an e-mail or a Word document, and go check the views if you need to harvest the results.

As a bonus, you can use the Hey!Spread API which allows you to propose Hey!Spread in white label as a innovative and addictive feature to your users or clients. Allow them to mass-distribute video content over the best video platforms at any time, but still be the solution provider that came up with this brilliant plan for your customer!

Have fun.


Tie The Tie

14 Nov 2007

One of the cooler things to wear is a nice suit with a tie. But unfortunately, the art of tie-tieing is not a given to all men… ask around in the girly part of your circle of friends. Many of those will have to help out their hubbies or boyfriends. Although I do find that a sexy idea (it has something ‘mothering’ which is soooo cute), a real man should be able to get this done on his own. A simple search on youTube for ‘how to tie a tie’ yields 92 million results, all with one simple flaw…every one uses a male model (usually an old dude or a web geek) to do the instructing. While this approach may be perfectly functional, its just not all that fun. has taken it to the next level. Beautiful women are the stars of these tasteful instructional videos. What better way for the young guys to learn how to be a man than from a totally hot actress? Ties are hotter than ever before… Some Tie company or fashion label should endorse this. :-) | How To Tie A Tie | The Full Windsor Knot.

More fun at


Educational Pocket Money

05 Mar 2007

Okay, this is for the student readers who are short of educational small change and need to get educational drinks from an educational vending machine. I love social engineering :) It brings out the rebel in all of us. These skills are for educational purposes only, for instance if you want to help your friends learn how to be educational as well.

Video link

Thanks, Arnaud


IDEA 2006 Recap

07 Nov 2006

Too bad I totally missed this… “From leading architect David Rockwell to leading creative Alex Bogusky; from the man who built Second Life to the marketing chief of the very-real-world Starbucks; from a guy who plans and buys media to a guy who expresses himself by making toys. They all came to share their big ideas and pass on their tips for fostering creativity.” And so, here’s a list of 19 items, all of them are pointers and ‘good to know’ thingies. If you want to know the extra words of context, click here.

  • Limitations and small budgets are inspiring
  • Trust your gut—not research
  • Think like a band
  • Approach your consumer from a ‘molecular level’
  • Digitize everything
  • Nostalgia is death
  • Let consumers inside
  • Prototype early
  • Drugs won’t supply your ‘Aha!’ moment
  • Flatten management structure
  • Market to the interested
  • Go for a brand back rub
  • Give consumers some control
  • Turn Advertising Week into a charity push
  • Discourage sleep
  • Don’t be (obviously) big, be brilliant
  • Sit under the table
  • Every day should be independence day
  • All creatives are created equal

Read more on AdCritic, have a laugh with the pictures and see some video footage of Alex Bogusky, Philip Rosedale and David Jones.
Kudos to Appelogen for pointing me to this page.


How To Get In Touch With Youngsters

03 Nov 2006

Smuggling out corporate secrets isn’t one of my hobbies, but I’ve stolen these words at These Days. The text is printed out and hangs next to the main entrance. Originally it was in Dutch, so I had to juggle a bit to find the right words. I’ve forgotten who the original author is so I can’t really credit anyone. I haven’t invented the words below, but that doesn’t make them less important. It’s true, and I’ll keep this in mind forever. So should you.

Don’t focus on ‘all’ youngsters. Think of some, define a selected target group.
- Limit the use of words and images. Less often is more.

Look them straight in the eyes, don’t yield – don’t blink.
- Give them exactly what they expect in an exclusive atmosphere.

Forget about ‘good taste’, forget about ‘bad taste’. It’s time for MyTaste!
- Seduce them with what they know, surprise them with knowledge.

Put them in the driver’s seat, put them in control.
- Be generous with discounts and communicate about them time and again.

Find exciting links/relations with the youngster’s network.
- Select & program well thought-out, smart & sensible.
- Your errors will not be forgotten.

Experiment with hours.
- Everything is sexy around midnight.
- Launch a date-site, not a data-site.
- One third (1/3) of your budget should go to web promotion.

Claim space on television.
- Test every action & communication method. Then test it again.

Don’t use the names of sub-cultures. You’ll make yourself ridiculous.
- Make sure you have an inventive media mix to play with.
- A website replaces flyers and posters.

Don’t Spam. Not with emails, not with SMS (mobile text messages).
- Invite youngsters to contact you.
- Target the upper section of your audience.
e.g. : ‘I might be 16, but I’d love to be 18′.

Send out a letter through snailmail.
- You often achieve more with less culturally calibrated media.

Stay away from the youngster’s jargon. You’ll make yourself suspicious.
- Switch angles. Turn pages. Start new things.
- Abandon old things at least once a day.

Love, don’t cherish.


How To Thank Your Customers

20 Oct 2006

I was reading the Marketing & Management Update blog and came across these simple things you can do to make your customers feel appreciated for being a customer. Interesting read. A nice collection of marketing tips and tricks here!

  1. Thank high value customers: All customers are not created equal. An annual handwritten thank you note to your “top twenty percent” from the CEO is a smart strategy.
  2. Thank lost customers with a private “win back” offer: A handwritten note to welcome them back, with an irresistible offer works well. Reactivating past customers is one of those forgotten fundamentals.
  3. Thank and sell: A handwritten note with a customizable gift certificate is a proven winner and can move inventory or get a plant to capacity!
  4. Thank with a gift: Induce reciprocity and stimulate a sale or referral! A thank you gift works wonders. Think high perceived value.
  5. Thank and save the sale: Beat the cognitive dissonance demons by reassuring the customer. Great for any high ticket item. Offer an add-on sale while you are at it!
  6. Thank and cross-sell: A handwritten note to tell your best customers about a new product or service, with an offer unavailable elsewhere.
  7. Thank the non-buyer: A handwritten note to the non-buying prospect of a high ticket item can influence a sale when the prospect is ready to purchase.

Make ‘thank you’ a strategic and conscious component in your marketing program and invest in the lifetime value of the relationships you have already established. The challenge, of course, is to implement a timely and sincere thank you program at a reasonable marketing cost. At the end of the day, it’s all about direct marketing mathematics but aren’t your best customers worth a couple of bucks for you to show your sincere appreciation?

Read more stuff like this on the Marketing & Management Update blog.


The Color Purple

18 Sep 2006

When I go shopping, I always think I’m in control. After all, I studied marketing. I work at a cool agency and I think of things that will engage customers and make ‘m buy stuff. I used to think that me, of all people, would know what’s going on and that I would be able to see the obvious tricks out there. I buy what I want, where I want it. If I’m being pushed subconsciously to buy something, most of the time I’m aware of it, but sometimes I just think: “ah, what the hell.” Until I read this list about architectural tricks to control consumers. Going through the list I often caught myself thinking I’d fall for it or even that I wouldn’t notice it. Marketing is so much more than I realised. I’m being played. And not just a bit. Tune in on a few tricks from the list, then check it out. You’ll be surprized. (You’ll also recognize a few, which makes you feel a bit like ‘hah! I’m on to you marketeers’, and that’s comforting.)

  • Some customers, particularly men, tend to simply shop for what they want, walking down an aisle grabbing what they want, turning back and walking the way they came, this is called the ‘Boomerang Effect’. In order to maximize shopper and produce contact time, shops therefore place major items and brands in the middle of aisles ensuring that from any direction the customer has to walk the furthest to reach them.
  • Some UK baby shops now add Baby Powder to the air conditioning to remind people of new-born’s and relax them.
  • Most Supermarkets bake their bread early in the morning, however to entice more custom some have resorted to pumping out the smell of fresh baking bread to add to the illusion that it is constantly baked through the day. Go into Niketown on Oxford Street and smell the deodorant like pong they pump into the air!
  • Apparently the colour Light Purple is most likely to make customers feel lilke spending money!
  • Supermarkets used to have a trick placing slightly smaller tiles on the floor in the more expensive aisles of the shop. When a customer entered on of these aisles their trolley would click faster making them think they were travelling faster and thereby subconsciously slow down and spend more time in that aisle.

Read the rest of the list | via Bright