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Screw The Keys, I’m Going Home

28 Mar 2007

“How does a carmaker unlock the door to reaching distracted, elusive customers in an increasingly competitive category? Nissan North America is hoping the answer may lie with, um, keys. For the promotion, 20,000 key rings will be deliberately “lost” in bars, concert halls, sports arenas and other public places in seven large markets. Each key ring will have three keys, all real, and two tags. The biggest key resembles a car key and the other two look as if they could fit the locks on house or office doors. One tag declares, “If found, please do not return,” because the Altima “has Intelligent Key with push-button ignition, and I no longer need these,” a reference to the technology that allows an Altima owner to start the car by pressing a button on the dash rather than inserting a key. The same tag invites the finder to learn more about the ignition system by visiting a section of the Nissan Web site (

The other tag, labeled “Gas Card,” resembles the plastic keychain devices for electronic payment sponsored by service stations like Exxon and Mobil. The tag offers the finder of the key ring a chance to enter a sweepstakes, either by sending text messages or visiting another Web site (, which is to be available this week.” [Quoted from the NY Times]

Nissan Keys

Nissan Keys 2

I think you’ll get a very high attention peak from people who come across these keys. It kind of reminds me of the campaign I blogged earlier where wallets were left on public locations with ads inside instead of money. The difference here is that the lucky finder gets to keep what he found, and on top of that he has the chance to actually win something.

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Explosive Water

28 Mar 2007

I got pointed to this ad by eMich, and I have to agree that it’s very well done. The way they used photos from recognizable places in the country makes it really inviting. Spa is produced in Belgium, and so by using imagery from Belgium as well, you create a very nationalistic feeling. A lot of people will try to identify the location, and if they’ve been there there’s an even stronger link. For those who live in the pictured area, the feeling is totally complete. I can imagine a lot of people would think this’ll fit just fine as decoration for a spot in their home.
* Edit: At first I didn’t want to start the discussion, but ummm on second thought it’s quite worth it. As pointed out in the comments, the picture of the Antwerp city scenery is inverted. That’s because Antwerp has an extreme/radical population and it’s the home town of the ‘Vlaams Belang’ (biggest party in the political scene), a Flemish extreme-right party with (sometimes) unspoken fascist/racist roots. The flying man could be easily confused with a legion soldier bringing the “Sieg Heil” greeting. Hence the inverted picture, to avoid confusion.

Spa 1

Spa 2

Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels
Account Team: Stefanie Gielen, Sylvie De Couvreur, Inez De Pooter
Creative Director: Bottez Katrien, Ampe Peter
Copy: Benoît Menetret
Art Director: Jean-Marc Wachsmann
Art Buyer: Elly Laureys
Production: Ingrid Deuss
Typographer: Cécile Van Caillie
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Media: Posters


Swinging Tyres

27 Mar 2007

Bridgestone wanted to herald the production of their 35 millionth tyre and talk about the success of the factory and its commitment to New Zealand. Rather than focusing on the massive contribution to industry and employment that this milestone signalled, They instead decided to highlight the special place that tyres have in New Zealanders’ memories and lives. Pretty much everyone in New Zealand has a fond recollection of swinging on a tyre swing, strung up in a field. To announce that the Firestone factory in New Zealand had manufactured its 35 millionth tyre, they sent out a ‘limited edition’ tyre swing to 40 editors, radio DJs and other media types who generally have plenty of other things to talk about than the success of Firestone and their 35 million tyres. It’s a good example of a DM action that starts little wildfires in word of mouth, primarily because of the size of such a tyre, for starters, and in the second place because of the emotional connection. It’s all about being remarkable, and if you look at it from that point of view, how many people do you know that have gotten a tyre delivered to them for a marketing stunt? These are exceptional things people just love to talk about. I like this. A lot.

BridgeStone DM

Agency: Tequila, New Zealand
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Off To Switzerland

26 Mar 2007

I’m off for a couple of days to Switzerland. I’ll try to post from the hotel if I have wi-fi or some other form of connection to the digital world. Back on Wednesday evening if all goes well. Keep sending in those entries and suggestions for the contest. The Wolf King keyboard might be yours very soon! :)

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Look Up

26 Mar 2007

Another goodie in the Post-It series, and effective for a lot of blokes out there. Not much more to add when a picture says more than a thousand words. This ad comes close to the ‘Jade’ ad featured on this blog a while ago, and it also comes from South Africa.


Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room (Johannesburg)
Art Director : Bruce Harris
Copywriter : Noelle Liszkey
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Kama Surftra

26 Mar 2007

I have totally no idea what the link is between surf clothing and a few kama sutra poses, but apparently down under they believe there is one. Apparently by wearing gear from Radiator, you’ll improve your flexibility. According to the copy, their stuff is ‘not as thick’ and ‘just as warm’ and it’s ‘all the rubber you need’. Before you assume that this is a free ticket to the untamed love they used to have in the 60s, long before anyone thought AIDS was something everyone could get, I think the message they’re trying to bring across is that it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Whatever that has to do with posing couples in kinky positions with a toothpaste smile and brushed hair is an open question you can fill in for yourself. I for one don’t think this is a good campaign.

Radiator Surf Gear 1

Radiator Surf Gear 2

Radiator Surf Gear 3

Radiator Surf Gear 4

Agency: The Furnace
Country: Australia
Creative Director: Rob Martin Murphy
Art Director: Paris Giannakis
Copywriter: Andrew Allsop
Photographer: Jimmy Fok
Production Company: Katapolt Photography Management and Productions.
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Retro Rocket For Kids

26 Mar 2007

Totally awesome! I wish I had one of these when I grew up. This DIY Retro Rocket sells for the smooth price of $57.99, and I’m about to order one for my little nephew, since his birthday is coming up. The little toddler just started crawling, but I bet as soon as he sees this, he’ll step-ride around my sister’s place in no time. Includes lights, sound, and even messages from command central. When the burner lights up, the command center announces “All systems go!” and other exciting phrases. Vibrating motor action simulates take off. Assembles in 15 minutes and includes 4 “AA” batteries. Size 27″l x 11.5″w x 11.5″h, Weight 19 lbs. (Age 10mos.-4yrs.) – Eat this, Fisher Price!

Retro Rocket

Order yours here
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Green Tea Gardens

26 Mar 2007

Not as stunning as the F1 Shrubbery or the Beetle Hedge, but quite entertaining as well is this piece of eye candy for an outdoor campaign by Lipton. To promote their ‘green tea’ in Egypt, they had a few bushes trimmed in detail to look like giant teacups, handles included. Nice work.

Lipton Green Tea

Agency: JWT, Cairo
Via: Shedwa | Advertising For Peanuts