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Scarlett Johansson Sells Bags

31 Dec 2006

Apparently Louis Vuitton has managed to persuade Scarlett Johansson to feature in next season’s ad campaign for a line of bags. It seems Scarlett has found a second nature as a model next to her Hollywood career because she’s been doing a few promo campaigns for other brands as well. I wonder if she got a lifetime supply besides the usual fat paycheck. It must be because I’m a guy, but those bags don’t look very cool to me. Perhaps Scarlett had to make up for that?

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31 Dec 2006

Every year, the premature baby unit at Edith Cavell hospital sends cards to the other departments as well as to some ex-patients. This year, they sent this card in mid-October. When you open it you see the message: “It’s a little premature, but Happy Christmas”. I like the idea a lot that, due to the nature of the work, they send out the greeting card earlier. It’s anticipating on the fact that, on their department, everything comes a little early. Clever, appealing and touching.

Edith Cavell Greeting Card

Agency: McCann-Erickson, Belgium
Creative Director: Jean-Luc Walraff
Copywriter: Gregory Defay
Art Director: Gregory Defay
Photographer: Thierry Siebrand

Thanks for the credits, Tanguy



31 Dec 2006

I don’t know the agency that came up with these, but the simplicity of the ads was really appealing. At first glance, I didn’t think they were special, but when I looked a little better, the details just made me laugh. It’s so obvious and so very clever. This is something only Lion can pull. I don’t see Milky Way or Mars come up with ads like this. I think this is a very cool approach for a candy bar. It says so much without words that a copy wasn’t necessarry to stress the message. I bow gracefully to the account exec that managed to sell this campaign to the Nestlé brand. Really. That must’ve been hard.

Lion 1

Lion 2

Lion 3

Agency: JWT, Dubai
Creative Director: Chafic Haddad, John Foster
Art Director: Firas Medrows
Copywriter: Elias Haddad
Photographer: Daryl Patni
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Comedy Channel

31 Dec 2006

To announce the launch of the 24/7 Comedy Channel on Free-TV, something that appears to be satellite TV, some agency came up with the ads below. Unfortunately, the sender couldn’t tell me more about its origin but I thought the visuals were just splendid. Looking at the licence plate of the funeral car, I think these ads were made in the UK and that a German copy has been added afterwards. If anyone knows the right credits, feel free to fill me in.

Comedy Channel on Free-TV

Comedy Channel on Free-TV

Comedy Channel on Free-TV

“Not a minute without comedy”
“On 15.01 comes the first 24 hour comedy station”
“Comedy Channel, new on Free-TV”

Thanks, Derrick


Agency: Kempertrautmann, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Daniel Ernsting, Frank Bannöhr
Art Director: Axel Schilling
Copywriter: Christian Soldatke
Designer & Illustrator: Tim Belser, Marita Locmele
Account Director: Peter Matz

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The Hug Shirt

30 Dec 2006

The Hug Shirt is a Bluetooth accessory for Java enabled mobile phones. Hug shirts don’t have any assigned phone number, all the data goes from the sensors Bluetooth to your mobile phone and your mobile phone delivers the hug data to your friend’s phone and it is seamlessly transmitted Bluetooth to his or her shirt!
Sending hugs is as easy as sending an SMS and you will be able to send hugs while you are on the move, in the same way and to the same places you are able to make phone calls (Rome to Tokyo, New York to Paris).

The system is very simple: a Hug Shirt (Bluetooth with sensors and actuators), a Bluetooth java enabled mobile phone with the Hug Me java software running (it understands what the sensors are communicating), and on the other side another phone and another shirt. If you do not have a Hug Shirt but know that your friend has one you can still send them a hug creating it with the HugMe software and it will be delivered to your friend’s Hug Shirt!

The Hug Shirt

The Hug Shirt is not meant to replace human contact, but to make you happy if you are away for business or other reasons and you miss your friends and loved ones! It also has some very interesting applications in the medical field with the elderly and children. And is fun to use and very soft!

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Tadeo Jones Short

28 Dec 2006

As much as I loved Till Novak’s delivery, I must say I’m really fond of this little short film as well. It’s well on its way to collect the 50th (!) award and it’s a very impressive piece of creativity. Tadeo Jones is an adventurer like Indiana Jones (no family though) and he’s exploring some sort of ancient Egyptian site in search of the treasure. On his way to the treasure room and back he runs into all sorts of curious and dangerous situations. This is definitely a must-see!


Director: Enrique Gato
Production: La Fiesta Producciones Cinematográficas
Executive Producer: Nicolás Matji
Script: José Ángel Esteban, Carlos López, Manuel Matji ,Enrique Gato
Music: Zacarías Martínez de la Riva
Sound: Carlos Faruolo
Backgrounds & Additional Art: JJ García Galocha “Galo”, Pedro Solís
Backgrounds & Additional Art: David Ordieres “Deivid”
Voices: David García, Blanca Rada

Tadeo Jones Website

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Barbie Drinks Evian

28 Dec 2006

In case there’s any doubt or you weren’t fully aware of the facts, Barbie is the girl at the fountain. I really like the retro feeling you get from seeing this very old classy Citroën, but the two pink stripes on it make it seem so ummm… female. It’s pretty neat how they spiced up the typical Alp scenery with some Evian action. I don’t know the agency that came up with this, but it’s a very cool image. A very refreshing take on the dull campaigns we usually get served about natural spring water. Last time I checked, the Alp police wasn’t so pink.


Agency: Euro RSCG, London
Creative Director: Gerry Moira
Art DirectoR: George Leaney/Ben Parton
Copywriter: George Leaney/Ben Parton
Photographer: David LaChapelle

Thanks, Fred
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PeTA Guardian Angel

28 Dec 2006

While we’re at it, I might as wel throw in this image for the PeTA too. Famke Janssen, the famous Bond-girl from GoldenEye, and dog Licorice, are the supporting faces for the new print campaign. In this campaign Famke is showing off angel wings as she strikes a provocative pose on a swing, the alluring actor appears along with her beloved dog Licorice in a sexy new ad aimed at making the holidays a little happier for neglected dogs (and domestic animals all-together). For the sake of dog-wellness, here is the ad:

“Millions of companion animals are condemned to a sad life of loneliness. Isolated in a crate or pen or kept on a chain with no exercise or attention. Your animal companions need and deserve lots of playtime, love and care. – They are part of your family. Be your animals’ guardian angel. They depend on you.”

Other PeTA campaigns on Marketing Thoughts:

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