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A singing florist for Secretary’s Day

10 Apr 2008

Secretary’s Day is approaching! Belgian electricity operator Electrabel has launched a website that lets bosses produce a mini-opera for their secretaries. A florist sings a personalized song with the name of the secretary in it. Available in Dutch and French.

Secretary’s day

By the way, did you know that Secretary’s Day was created by a marketeer? Harry F. Klemfuss of Young & Rubicam launched the idea in 1952. In the US the concept is now known as “Administrative Professionals’ Day“. This year it falls on 23 April. In Europa it’s still called “Secretary’s Day” and it’s celebrated on 17 April.

Campaign website:
Agency: Proximity BBDO Belgium.


DIY Paleontology

28 Jan 2008

To send New Year greetings for 2008, the communications team at the dinosaur museum in Brussels sent colleagues and main sponsors a highly original package. Inside was a block of plaster and a hammer & chisel with an invitation to amateur paleontologists to dig, not for the bones of a mighty T-Rex, but to find the museum’s greeting card.

Dinosaur Museum Greeting Card

Agency: McCann Erickson Belgium
Account Director: Talia Hendlisz
Creatives: Gregory Defay, Quentin Gascard
Thanks for the pointer, Tanguy


The Pocket Geek

18 Jan 2008

Fuel Industries, an agency specializing in branded entertainment, was hired by QNX Software Systems to help out with the launch of a product directed to a very specific community (embedded software developers). So Fuel Industries came up with something a little different and developed a Flash game called The Pocket Geek to get the Foundry27 forum some more tracking.

Besides the fact the design looks really neat, I’m very fond of the ‘action-figure’ approach. It’s makes a geek-in-the-box look so adorable and cute, I think this could be a super cool direct marketing gadget to send out to agencies. Collect ‘em all, and rule the world!

The gameplay is nice, goes smooth but is a little more complicated than you might suspect at first glance. Keeping a geek productive, not hungry and happy at the same time requires tact. The IQ tests in between are funny :) The goal is to have your project finished by the end of the week. Challenging. Perfect for a Friday afternoon.

Extra stuff:

Thanks for the pointer, Nick Iannitti.


Pisang Ambon Videoke

06 Dec 2007

In an era where everybody has an untameable urgency to show their skills, where people are looking for new ways to communicate one to another; Check out ClipCaster, the world’s first online Videoke concept (a blend of Video and Karaoke)! It offers you the opportunity to mix top quality sound and webcam images to create your unique, personalized music video! Perfect for a silly nightly activity, solo or with your friends. And… show the world You’re On. Send your recorded music videos to friends by e-mail, or as a personal online message. You may even become the star of the day, have your music video featured on the homepage (ask your friends to vote!) and reach an audience of millions!

This online innovation comes with courtesy of Pisang Ambon, the delicious banana drink that has been popular for more than 50 years. Research shows that the Pisang Ambon main fans – aged between 18 and 25 – are online for an average of 4 hours a day. Rather than develop a traditional campaign with classic advertising (to which they would be largely indifferent), ClipCaster represents a major step forward in the constantly developing world of new media, internet, and video. Pisang Ambon and ClipCaster will be putting performers in the spotlight from November 2007. The platform will be launched in 12 European countries: the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Agency: BrandBase, The Netherlands
Thanks, Etiënne


Axe GameKillers Revisited

01 Nov 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve heard of Axe/Lynx. Seems they just got back in the game a bit with their new online timewaster tied into its “Gamekillers” show on MTV (a show that follows unsuspecting guys on dates with beautiful girls and pits them against a variety of characters engineered to test their game). There are people out there whose sole mission is to cause you to blow your cool and lose the girl. They are the Gamekillers, and Gamekillers the Game is your chance to get back at them.

The game, playable online now at, is retro-arcade shooter. The cool thing about it is that you can superimpose the pictures of your friends’ faces (or of the guy who killed your game last night) onto the enemies, so you can get back at the guys who killed your game.

It also includes a built-in leaderboard so you can show off your mad Gamekiller-blasting skillz. It may not be the most challenging videogame, but for the sake of pure entertainment you should definitely check it out. Have a go with a pic of a friend and umm… shoot it into pixel heaven. It’s definitely not the strongest game, but you’ve got to adore the light classical music that plays while you’re trying to survive.

Previous GameKiller post on Coolz0r [March 2006]


Pee For Free

29 Oct 2007

To promote their free online e-accounts, Dutch bank ING had their agency come up with a pretty funny idea: a virtual toilet. In just a few clicks you can have your virtual self release that tension and carry on surfing. What exactly the link is between going to the toilet and opening an e-account seems a bit of a far fetched link from some creatives who’ve spend a little too much time at the drawing board, I guess. But let’s stick with the idea that opening an e-account should be as easy as going to the toilet. Mind you, in real life I’d never take so much time to listen to the toilet lady and even virtually it takes too much time in my [humble] opinion before the link with the actual product is made. The mashed-up fashion brands during the pee-time spent (as a man) is pretty funny though and if you go pee as a girl, and that is truly the biggest gag in the clip, you need to invite a friend because “girls don’t go to the bathroom alone now do they”. Hah ! Brilliant !

Anyhow: Here’s a little timewaster for you: [click to play]

Campaign site
Agency: Emakina, Belgium

Thanks, Bert


Subservient Swedish Sweat

22 Aug 2007

Here’s a cunning little take on the famous subservient chicken from Burger King. Ford captured a random Swedish guy, locked him up in a sauna and you can, by typing the right commands, make him do funny things. The purpose is to promote the Ford Fiesta Cool series. This campaign is particularly aiming for the female cluster of buyers, which is probably why the Swedish man is vacuum cleaning and the likes. Try typing commands like ‘handstand’, ‘basic instinct’, ‘kalender’, ‘kubus’, ‘ballen’, ‘bellen’, ‘kammen’ ‘dans’ ‘gitaar’, ‘touw’, ’stofzuigen’ or ‘mop’. Fun ! So, what’s the deal? Kalle Hötson, the Swedish man, needs to sweat. The point is to score 300 points as fast as possible by typing the right commands. If you succeed, Kalle will go seek freshness in the airconditioned Ford Fiesta and you get to win lovely prizes.

Make Me Sweat

Visit the site, and give it a go
Agency: Ogilvy, Brussels


Beer Marketing

11 Jul 2007

A 56.6% increase of the visits, 8942 subscribers and a definite upward trend of the users (66.5%). What do you do when you get these facts if you’re a beer brand? Right. You invest a huge smack of money in a marketing campaign, create a dozen 3D webisodes of your virtual 3D brand mascotte and you launch a dedicated section for those fresh users to come and win prizes, and most of all, to bring their friends. You make it very modern and up-to-date by adding a ‘my’ before your brand name and off you go! That’s exactly the strategy behind MyCeres, the new social networking space branded Ceres beer, inspired by the more famous My Space or Windows Live Spaces. With MyCeres the users can create and customize their personal profile, invite friends to join, play and challenge the other subscribers to the “Fight Chen” duel (a face to face viral game), and add them to the friends list to exchange messages. MyCeres gives the opportunity to win a lot of gadgets, and the grand prize is 4 tickets to the paddock of Moto GP 2008 with the Team Honda Gresini. Time to brush up your Italian and explore the site.

Ceres Beer 1

Ceres Beer 2

Sounds all pretty exciting to me, but my sober remark in the side line is: would I really need yet another space to them spam all my friends with invites to it? I’m not denying that the growth of users and increase of visits is a good thing. I’m simply questioning the resultive actions. I’d love to see facts and figures of the MyCeres campaign.

Agency: Dartway Interactive, Genova