Subservient Swedish Sweat

22 Aug 2007

Here’s a cunning little take on the famous subservient chicken from Burger King. Ford captured a random Swedish guy, locked him up in a sauna and you can, by typing the right commands, make him do funny things. The purpose is to promote the Ford Fiesta Cool series. This campaign is particularly aiming for the female cluster of buyers, which is probably why the Swedish man is vacuum cleaning and the likes. Try typing commands like ‘handstand’, ‘basic instinct’, ‘kalender’, ‘kubus’, ‘ballen’, ‘bellen’, ‘kammen’ ‘dans’ ‘gitaar’, ‘touw’, ’stofzuigen’ or ‘mop’. Fun ! So, what’s the deal? Kalle Hötson, the Swedish man, needs to sweat. The point is to score 300 points as fast as possible by typing the right commands. If you succeed, Kalle will go seek freshness in the airconditioned Ford Fiesta and you get to win lovely prizes.

Make Me Sweat

Visit the site, and give it a go
Agency: Ogilvy, Brussels


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  2. Dan Schawbel

    September 27, 2007 at 8:08 pm

    This is fun and weird at the same time.