The Axe GameKillers

26 Mar 2006

Axe GameKillers is a website that is dedicated to people that ruin your game. There are 14 types of characters in the ‘know thy enemy’ section that each have a catchphrase which can totally screw you over in one second. Clicking the characters reveals info about them, and how to counter it by keeping your cool. Every section has an animated gamekiller and a clip that shows you this date-ruiner in action.

The viral part of this mini site is the ‘Obituary Generator’, where you can pay tribute to a killed game, and then share it with your friends.

The ‘Extras’ section features 8 desktop wallpapers of gamekillers, a collection of 8 cell phone ringtones with the gamekiller catchphrases and the very best part is the print-outs and miscellaneous section which features the drama queen’s DIY cut-out tiara. Simply adorable.

Some Of The GameKillers

See the complete archive of clips | Visit Axe’s GameKillers

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