Cross-Track Projection

29 Jun 2006

Hmm. I finally started catching up on the feed reader. I noticed I overlooked this item that appeared last week at the BBC News site:

Giant advertisement films are to be beamed on to London Underground platform walls.

Replacing posters on the walls opposite the platforms from the start of next year, the advertisements will be shot across from projectors installed above passengers’ heads.

Full colour and even high-definition, the “cross-track projection” system will be installed at an initial 24 stations in Zone One.

Fully computer-controlled, in addition to advertisements, it will also be able to beam across everything from football scores to lottery results.

The technology, part of a £25m digital investment programme that is also seeing LCD television screens installed up and down escalators, is being introduced by advertising giant Viacom Outdoor.


LCD & Projections

Notice how zero out of 4 people are checking out the LCD screens on the escalator. I wonder how that comes. I’m also thinking the original ’soap’ stories might come back to live with short (sponsored) 5-minute episodes that are being broadcasted during morning or evening rush hours while people are waiting for their rides. Since mobisodes (soap episodes for mobile devices) are already being made, it would be a small effort to extend the line to these media channels. We’ll see where this is going. Cool trend though.

Read more on BBC News

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  1. Darren Straight

    June 30, 2006 at 12:50 am

    I saw them LCD screens on one of the underground stations not long ago, very nice! :)

    Ohh but what’s even nicer is that theres nobody on the tube on that BBC Video, no people, no rush, now that is awesome! ;)