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Twingly ScreenSaver

26 Feb 2007

When I first read the name, I was thinking about Bonzy Buddy or something alike. But when I checked it out, I was very impressed by what it does and how fast it does it. In their own words: “Twingly screensaver is visualizing the global blog activity in real time. Forget RSS readers where you see only what you’re interested in. With Twingly screensaver you get a 24/7 stream of all (viewer discretion advised) blog activity, straight to your screen.” – Yeah. Forget seeing only what you’re interested in. See all the rest you’re not interested in too (?) – No. Seriously. It’s for the effect. It has a better effect when you see ‘everything’. Otherwise the screensaver is kinda dead. Would be better as a stand-alone app though.

To use the screensaver you need a PC with Windows and a graphics card supporting OpenGL. Enable Asian language support in Windows, because we all know there’s lot of that stuff in the blogosphere.

Produced by PrimeLabs

Via: CrossTheBreeze | UpStream


Have A Seat

25 Feb 2007

Another outdoor execution (pun intended) as an example of how you can involve people in the message you want to bring. In this case, the Spanish department of Amnesty International is protesting against the fact that 4000 prisoners are still waiting for their death punishment on some Death Row somewhere on this globe. Killing people because they’ve done something wrong isn’t human. It’s not part of this century’s Western Culture anymore. It’s not something you do when you’re a civilized nation. That’s what Amnesty International’s trying to say with this campaign. Too bad not everyone agrees.

Amnesty International 1

Amnesty International 2

Agency: Contrapunto BBDO, Barcelona, Spain
Via: Houtlust


Urban Spam: Interactive Surfaces

25 Feb 2007

Not at all so very new, but still interesting enough to write about is this system from Monster Media, which showcases an interactive virtual world where the tracking system reads the position of the body at all times, allowing for real-time movement and interaction with the display graphics. The GroundFX system is housed in a custom wall or ceiling mounted frame which holds the components. The system projects an 8 x 10-foot image (approximately) on the floor, in a highly trafficked area. Similarly, the WallFX system displays an image approximately 8 x 20 foot onto a flat wall surface. Advertisements are built in Flash allowing quick content changes. Monster Media has some sort of global partnership with ClearChannel Entertainment, so it’s pretty within reach of marketeers.

Monster Media GroundFX

Side usage of this technology: might be very useful to keep the kids busy while mom and dad are shopping. Or if you want to make it easy for the cops you can place it in some dark corner of the suburbs, where it will attract the stoneys and junks who will stare at it saying ‘woooow’ and ‘duuuuude’. Sort of like a fly-trap, but then for people.

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Greenpeace Loves Your Mom

25 Feb 2007

I missed this post on AdRants (shame on me) but I got pointed to it by Bnox, and so I still get to do my rant, which is fun. I agree that the guys from Exit3a (who claim to be an ad-agency, but nobody ever heard of it) are total twats. Apart from putting a Greenpeace logo beneath some stupid quotes as theirs, I’m amazed about the degree of stupidity some creative director has obtained in order to approve general irritation like this. Somebody, somewhere, please aim a gun. If this is a stunt to get this agency noticed, let’s never speak of them again. For all I know, they’ll screw up your brand just by looking at it. Earth day is supposed to be constructive, and last time I checked, words like ‘motherfucker’ and insults concerning mothers getting screwed are far from that. I know it’s about ‘Mother Earth’, but still. Not funny. Release the hounds lawyers!

Who's Fucking Your Mother

Also see this other highly intellectual ad


Post-It StopMotion

25 Feb 2007

If it’s true that companies should embrace the consumer generated things people do and publish while using their product, the way Coca-Cola and Mentos embraced the geyser effect, then I think these guys are entitled to a life-long stock of free Post-it notes. It’s not the best stopmotion ever, but it’s fun to see what you can do with a pack of simple sticky notes and a large window.

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Keep On Dreaming

24 Feb 2007

Another goodie from the land of Ché, the number one men’s magazine in Flanders. Not much to add to the concept: hot babes, dreams of men, utopic wishes which result in some nice advertising. This ad comes from their 7 year anniversary issue.

Copy: “Let’s keep on dreaming of a better world”

Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp
Location: Antwerp – Hotel House Of Porters

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Horse Races

24 Feb 2007

These stunning pictures were taken for an ad campaing for ATG, Swedish Horse Racing. I love how powerful the images look, how much detail they reveal. These are really nice shots with some quality copy added to them. Not too much words and very to the point. I totally like it. It might be because I love horses, but honestly, the horses pictured here are absolutely amazing. It’s probably because of the ‘lower’ perspective of the photographer, but if you look at the veins in their neck, the muscles… the sharpness of the photos… Adorably graceful. For their audience, this is a hit. Also: check out the cool intro on the website!


Img 1: 2 millimeters can be worth 20 million.
Img 2: One horsepower can give the ride of your life.
Img 3: 0 – 100 000 in 118 seconds.
Img 4: 32 million years in the making. One moment of outburst.

V75 – ATG / Swedish Horse Racing

Agency: Akestam.Holst
Copywriter: Mark Ardelius
Photography: Klaus Thymann
Location: Solvalla Racing Track, Stockholm
Post Production: Cabbe at TouchMe

Bonus – Older campaign image:



“Trotting is a fast business. On a good day 5 pence can turn into 50 million.”


Truck Fixers

23 Feb 2007

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. A simple thing can bring across a strong message. Everybody knows that by now. Still, the point of advertising these days, where the real power of the message is hidden, is to find the simplest thing possible and make it look really sophisticated so people start to talk about it. Or you can make it easy for yourself and do what Oklahoma Truck Supply did: take the product and turn it into a message.


I’m not saying this is brilliant, nor am I saying this is bad. I know one thing for sure. If you drive by this attention grabber, you’ll take the time to read the message. And you won’t forget.

Thanks, Wout.