Theramed Guerrilla

03 Jul 2006

BBDO Dusseldorf came up with a creative way to promote the Theramed whitening toothpaste. They’ve cut out the mouth of the woman on the posters and hung them agains various walls, creating one very dirty ‘bricky’ smile. Some twisted thinking, but very effective. I really like the campaign. It totally grabs your focus if you see it in the streets because it’s totally not what you expect from a poster with a nice woman on it. Funky attention snatcher, I say.

Theramed Teeth 1

Theramed Teeth 2

Theramed Teeth 3

Theramed Teeth 4

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    October 13, 2006 at 1:41 am

    [...] I’ve seen this concept before for Theramed (check this post). The idea is pretty simple: you take a poster, put a face on it, stretch the face, cut out the mouth and place the poster on a wall. Where the mouth used to be, you’ll see the print of the stones of the wall the poster is placed on to market a dental product or service. Not a prize-winning entry, and probably the last of these I’ll write about. But I just had to add it to the archive to have two examples of the technique. Didn’t make it beyond the Golden Drum shortlist, obviously. [...]

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    [...] 一组牙科诊所的广告,不用我解释大家应该都明白是什么意思吧!还有一组类似的广告。 [...]