31 Aug 2006

Can we dream? Can we live in ‘what if country’? I’m not quite sure. I do know that if you want anything to change, you’ve got to start with yourself. If everybody started doing small things, together they would be big things. Big things cause change. But they start small. It’s not wrong to dream, but it’s wrong to ‘just’ dream and take no further actions. I try to do little things as much as possible, and then maybe, just maybe… one day they’d make a difference. These images belong to a campaign, but I don’t know which one. I also don’t know which agency created them. They’re for Futurong, a Brazilan charity organisation which is dedicated to change small things and help as many kids as possible by means of education, sports, nutrition… Futurong dreams. They do small things. Lots of them. But for some people, small things are enough to make a difference.

Futurong 1

Futurong 2

Futurong 3

Futurong Website

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