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How To Deal With Telemarketers

19 Oct 2007

Excuse me Mr., sorry to be taking some of your time but I really have some important questions/unique proposals [select appropriate] for you… How many times have you heard a phone conversation start like this, making you wish you never answered the phone in the first place??? Too many times. Now we need to unite and fight back. Today I’ll post two tips for you to try at home. Good luck, and please hold.

Part 1: Flirting

How To Deal With Telemarketers 1

Produced by Peter John Ross from Sonnyboo


Shower With Girlfriend

17 Oct 2007

Hah! If there is one thing I used to do a lot in high school, then it was coloring text with Stabilo markers and looking for hidden messages or silly word combinations [you know how boys can be sometimes]. That is exactly the idea behind these images for Stabilo’s campaign and I totally dig it. Good old times and fun with colors… I love this. You’ve got to click on the images to enlarge them and look at the text. The simplicity is really in the details, and it comes to show that these markers actually do have a proper function (but we already knew that). This idea is so simple, so powerful and so funny. It’s great!

Copy: “Highlight Only The Good Bits”

Agency: Grey, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Creative Directors: Paul Chan & Sonic Choy
Art Director: Sonic Choy
Copywriter: Paul Chan
Photographer: Jeffrey Leung
Retoucher: Simon Kwan
Thanks Wouter for the pointer


Classical Revival

17 Oct 2007

Under the slogan “Classical Genuises And Modern Master Are United”, the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic opened on August 7th a new season with Gurer Aykal and amazing talented guest artists. To announce this somewhat exciting moment, Piramit agency was hired and they came up with some pretty neat visuals. “Pimp My Composer, v.2 (beta)” :-)




Agency: Piramit, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Metin Aroyo
Art Director: Emrah Meshur
Copywriter: Mustafa Oral
Photographer: Sitki Kösemen

Thanks, Erkan


Italian Coffee

16 Oct 2007

These are some really fine visuals for a campaign for BurgerKing. Obviously, the approach of ‘Italy’ as a subject leads to the classical cliches, but I like the mix of cultures. BugerKing is typically a fastfood restaurant, and fastfood restaurants have drive-throughs, hence the pretty well mixed idea of typical Italian iconic things [the maffia car, the pope and a Venetian gondola] with that well-known speed-entry of the restaurant.

BurgerKing Coffee 1

BurgerKing Coffee 2

BurgerKing Coffee 3

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Drink or Drive?

16 Oct 2007

Arns sent me this image of a campaign that grabbed his attention. I too like the idea that has been executed here. Although some people don’t even look at traffic signs anymore, I do think this one will have a certain impact because of it’s simplicity. It’s not a shocking image, there’s no partial nudity or whatsoever, but it still transmits a clear and uncut message. No idea who created the campaign and where… but it’s a good one.

Drink Or Drive

Thanks, Arns