Fight For Kisses

29 Oct 2007

A quite popular clip on the rise these last weeks seems to be the ‘Fight For Kisses’ campaign for Wilkinson. As much as I like the idea behind this action, the site itself is kind of a bummer. You can download a game, a soft cook-off of the well known “Street Fighter” from back in the 90s. And that is exactly where things go wrong. The commercial is a great job, and I really like it, but in my opinion it should have ended there. Agreed, they say on the site that the game is fictional. But having an adult fight against a baby is just plain silly. The wallpaper section is a bit of a turn down too and seems to be more aimed at the femail market segment than towards the men. If your entire commercial is about men fighting for kisses to get mommy’s attention, then you don’t put wallpapers in it of other men with well-shaped muscles.
Wroooong audience ! :)


Video: Fight For Kisses
Campaign website

Thanks, Tom

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