A House Or Champagne 2

21 Apr 2007

UPDATE 21st of April, 10.59 am: Hilarious !!!

While Jan is working for BBDO and Johan from LG&F made the spoof (and Michael from Duval Guillaume E sent it to me), now the guys over at TheseDays came up with their spoof, and they turned the spot into a commercial for / Any other agencies want to give it a go?

There’s a lucky guy named Jan. He works at an ad agency and has a beautiful wife and family. They live in a wonderful house and they’ve been having the time of their lives there. But.. the time has come to move on and now they’re selling the house… on YouTube. However, Jan’s ‘neighbors’ have noticed the clip on YouTube and decided to post their response… and now the bet is: if the response has more views than the original, Jan will buy bubbly wine for ‘the neighbors’. Other than that, it’s pretty cool to use YouTube to sell your house, but instead of showing just the house and the rooms and all that you add a story to it, you make the material thing come alive. And that’s so awesome.

Jan's House

See the original clip here, but please make sure you see the spoof twice, so Jan has to share the booze ;-)

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  1. Jan Dejonghe Himself

    April 26, 2007 at 12:06 pm

    The next (and probably last) step in the pink house saga is out….have a look on