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Second Life, Third Life, KitKat

24 Mar 2007

Dutch advertising agency PPGH/JWT came up with a little viral for KitKat, a chocolate snack. It’s the first clip I see in which Second Life is actively present (and I wonder how the copyrights were managed for this, but that’s another story). It’s a pretty amusing clip to look at. Very simple concept, not too complicated to set up and maybe enough potential to become viral.

Video Link

Agency: PPGH/JWT (The Netherlands)

Thanks, Rienk & Niels


XBox 360 Crashes PS3 Party

24 Mar 2007

Aah! Paris! City of lovers and romance by night. That’s exactly what the XBox team must’ve thought as they dressed up their boat to party-crash Sony’s PS3 launch event. In the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, (hmm, is there shadow at night?) With the Eiffel Tower brightly lit on the background, two brands continue the Battle of the Game Consoles. It doesn’t get any more romantic than this. Almost a typical Hollywood film. There’s no better way to underline your dedication to your best friend then by stealing his mojo on the night he plans to score. Hah! Totally awesome guerrilla. Disclaimer: I don’t work for Sony ;-)

To top it off, all the journalists at the Sony event received this text message on their mobile phones (source):


“XBox 360 wishes you a pleasant evening… On behalf of the XBox Team.”

Video Link (via giiks)

Good enough for the first contest entry!

Thanks for the link to Fubiz, Romain!


Smoggi Underwear

24 Mar 2007

A little while ago, the Belgian government all of the sudden lowered maximum speed on the highway to 90 km/h. I didn’t quite realise it in the morning because I missed the news, but I just thought it was super the entire left lane was free. At work, I heard that there was a reason for that, namely that small particles of dust were in the air, causing smog. And that the maximum speed was 90 km/h. Bummer. The way home went slow :( – But, Sloggi, the underwear brand, came up with a nice entertaining guerrilla campaign. A foursome of underwear models have been put on a bridge over the freeway, holding up signs with the domain name and signs with the temporarily forced speed limit. The domain name holds a countdown to some sort of game, should you care.

Video Link

Agency: Indus Brand Activation (Belgium)
Thanks, David


New Contest

24 Mar 2007

All righty! The first contest was won by Mattias Celis, a student who’s currently doing an internship at the famous SnowByLG&F agency. If all goes well the package will be in the mail by Monday. Time for another contest. One of the most coolest swag items I’ve received at CeBit, the consumer electronics fair in Hannover, Germany, is this very wicked Wolf King keyboard. I’m throwing it in for the contest. The person who sends in the best link or campaign in the next two weeks (so before April 7th) gets it mailed to his/her home address. The only rule: it’s got to have something to do with marketing or advertising.

Wolf King Warrior Keyboard


The Wolf King Warrior Gaming Keypad is the ultimate gaming weapon. Perfect for PC Gamers looking for a portable game pad or just looking for more flexibility. The Warrior connects to your computer via USB and is plug and play. It features 55 ergonomically placed control keys commonly used in FPS games. Speed, control and communication is critical in making the moves and decisions that can make the difference between life & death, victory or defeat. This keyboard gives you the advantage over your counterparts who use obsolete technology. Its “one palm size fits all keys” concept will make your movement more precise and deadly to your opponents. Be the Leader Of the Pack with the Weapon Of Champions.

Send your entries through the mail link in the sidebar (Mail Coolz0r) and put ‘contest entry’ in the subject line. I’ll be happy to feature your links and tips. May the best link win. Have your friends vouch for your entry in the comments. The three posts with the most comments and trackbacks are selected for finals, and the audience decides who gets the prize.

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Keep Playing

24 Mar 2007

For a Casino in Venice, a luggage claim belt has been turned into a giant roulette a the airport. Although the message is quite clear (keep playing), I also spot a small sense of sarcasm in this execution. Not all luggage is being delivered, so if your falls on the belt, you’re lucky. Besides that, I’m expecting a lot more of this sort of advertising. There is no place on the airport where this amount of people (at least 100 per flight, presumably more) is waiting with such a high attention span to a common location. Everybody keeps staring at the belt to spot their stuff and it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes and sometimes longer before everything arrives. This is a very good place for an eye-catching campaign like this. They say the Venitian casino has had an increase of visitors of 60% since the ad is visible at the airport, but I’m pretty sure it’s a seasonal thing. I’m not sure ads work this well. If it’s true, dammit, let’s all do this :)

Casino 1

Casino 2

Agency: AdmCom
Creative Director: Maurizio Cinti
Art Directors: Andrea Ligi, Sergio Lelli
Copywriter: Rebecca Rossi
Via: Marketing Alternatif | Disruption


Leet Advertising

23 Mar 2007

There are a few niche audiences that require niche marketing. Students are one of those audiences. In this case, Frans Leys managed to snap a picture of a rather bizarre ad, aimed at programmers-to-be. The Nav N Go website hosts jobs for various IT related functions. To announce this opportunity, a billboard has been set up in the Budapest (Hungary) subway (station “Stadionok”) with an uber-elite (leet, 1337) message. Impressive.

Leet Advertising

Thanks Frans!


Ricky Gervais For Red Nose Day

23 Mar 2007

On March 16th, Comic Relief – The Big One – raised a massive £40,236,142 million – the biggest ever total on a Red Nose Day night and the money is still pouring in! The mammoth seven hour show on BBC ONE, featured the biggest line up of presenters ever including Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand, Lenny Henry, Davina McCall, Graham Norton, Paul O’Grady, Fearne Cotton, Kate Thornton and Chris Evans, who was overwhelmed by the success of the show, saying ‘This is by far the most exciting Comic Relief night I’ve ever been to – it’s the best comedy ever’. One of the most memorable highlights was Ricky Gervais’ special ‘appeal film’ starring Sir Bob Geldof, Bono, Stephen Merchant, Jamie Oliver and Andi Peters. It’s brilliant :)

Video Link

Via Tales Of Drudgery & Boredom


Wash Me

22 Mar 2007

More or less juiced by the Axe ‘Wash Me’ ad, or by the timeless jokes of people writing things in the dirt that sticks on cars (‘also available in white’, ‘used to be clean’ and yes: ‘wash me’), Alma agency had a giant translucent adhesive strip put up last January on the outside of a building to make it look like the building was really dirty. The copy under the dust strip reads: “It cleans something that big with just a little bit”. Pretty fun to look at. Sends out the message quite clear and it’s a good example of merging an existing technique to a new medium. It’ll stick in the minds of those who spot it, that’s for sure.

Agency: Alma, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Joel Aranda
Art Director: Rafael Barrera
Copywriter: Andres Zaldua
Via: AdsOfTheWorld