Tadeo Jones Short

28 Dec 2006

As much as I loved Till Novak’s delivery, I must say I’m really fond of this little short film as well. It’s well on its way to collect the 50th (!) award and it’s a very impressive piece of creativity. Tadeo Jones is an adventurer like Indiana Jones (no family though) and he’s exploring some sort of ancient Egyptian site in search of the treasure. On his way to the treasure room and back he runs into all sorts of curious and dangerous situations. This is definitely a must-see!


Director: Enrique Gato
Production: La Fiesta Producciones Cinematográficas
Executive Producer: Nicolás Matji
Script: José Ángel Esteban, Carlos López, Manuel Matji ,Enrique Gato
Music: Zacarías Martínez de la Riva
Sound: Carlos Faruolo
Backgrounds & Additional Art: JJ García Galocha “Galo”, Pedro Solís
Backgrounds & Additional Art: David Ordieres “Deivid”
Voices: David García, Blanca Rada

Tadeo Jones Website

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