I Want An i30

21 Aug 2007

Hyundai sees things big. Really big. The latest campaign they ran in Belgium was one where consumers were challenged to get a hold of a dropzone mark to put at a location of their choice. If they were selected, they could open up a blog and people could vote on them. (a map of the participants is here). The ubercoolness factor here is that the car will be dropped by heli. Yeah, you read that right. A helicopter will come drop the car on your location. Talk about a ‘wow’ factor. Good way to wake up the neighbors on a quiet Sunday morning :-) If you think the creative directors of this clip have been watching Apocalypse Now too much, you’re right.

Video: Hyundai i30

I Want An i30 -1

Agency: Duval Guillaume Brussels, Duval Guillaume E
Account Team: Johan Parmentier, Peter Clijsters, Filip Van der Haegen, Annemie Verschueren
Creative Directors: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe
Copy: Tom Muysers, Peter Ampe
Art Directors: Louiselotte Brekelmans, Katrien Bottez
TV Producer: Bruno De Jonghe
Media Strategy: Davy Caluwaerts
Strategy: Davy Caluwaerts
Animations: Dave De Preter
Production Company: The Fridge
Director: Dirk Verheye
Producer: Tom Hameeuw
Post-Production Company: The Fridge
Website: Pieter Baert & Tim Elsen (webmaster), Stijn Dupas & Raf Thys (Development), Judith Vanderlinden (Testing)
Media: Guerilla, Internet, TV, dailies.

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I Want An i30 -2

I Want An i30 -3

I Want An i30 -4

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  1. Christophe

    September 20, 2007 at 5:44 am

    I want one too :-)
    By chance I took a testdrive with one last week.
    Love the car, love the price. I drive the new Santa Fe myself, must say that the Koreans are doing a good job.

    Saw on the news that the car was delivered to someone in a footballfield. The keys were presented by wheelchaired “ironman” Marc Herremans, by coincidence the winner was also in a wheelchair.