Welt Kompakt Meets Bush

30 May 2006

Hehehe. You gotta love this. Here’s the truth as it was printed. A brilliant execution of this lovely concept. Especially the short and powerful tagline: ‘Said. Printed.’ It’s very strong. The idea is simple though. Just put a large poster around the newspaper dispenser and you get an installation like this:

Welt Kompakt 1

Welt Kompakt 2

Title: Newspaper Dispenser Poster “Bush”
Agency: Jung von Matt/Spree
Creative Directors: Jan Harbeck, David Mously

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    September 10, 2006 at 1:51 pm

    [...] After the newspaper dispenser, Die Welt – the compact newspaper – came up with these fine ads from world leaders in their ’small form’. This reversed-aging thing looks really cute and it fits right in with the goal of this campaign, namely to point out that the newspaper is small and compact in size but big when it comes to news items (hence the political celebrities). I also think the use of the baby-versions of the leaders could indicate that Die Welt is ‘right on top of the news’, that they are in the front line of the information stream I love it! [...]