Ads In A Wallet

30 May 2006

One way to have a certain captive audience is to put it on a place where anyone will definitely read it. For instance: a lost/forgotten wallet. No one will leave it alone when they see one unattended. Of course they’ll pick it up and open it, not to see how much money is inside (no, of course not) but to check for ID papers so they can return it to the owner in all honesty. The ‘Talent‘ agency in Sao Paulo created a playful campaign for curious people and left a bunch of wallets around town. Inside the wallet was an ad on a a sticker that said something like “You’ve found a wallet. Now find out how to fill it up, read the economic section of Estadão”. This campaign for the “Caderno de Economia do Estadão”, a financial (section of a) newspaper, is an example of really clever thinking, and you’ll get a 100% interested audience.

Lost Wallet

via MIT Adverlab | CreativeBrain

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