Affiliate Your Affiliates

31 May 2006

Randy pointed me to a nice affiliate program that JotSpot is running. When you recruit affiliates to join JotSpot’s affiliate program, you earn a commission equal to 20% of your referrals’ earnings. Which is pretty cool. You earn $1 per lead, and up to $199.95 per sale! When you refer a person to JotSpot and he tries the product, you automatically make $1. When that person becomes a paying customer, you will earn a commission equal to that person’s subscription rate for one month. If someone chooses JotSpot’s Company Plan, you will earn a commission of $199.95!

You make $25 for the first person you get to try JotSpot, every other lead gets you $1. Become an affiliate and maybe we can buy an island together…
Click here to sign up!

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