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13 Apr 2006

For the past two weeks or so I’ve been reading Max Lenderman’s work of art, “Experience The Message, how Experiental Marketing is changing the Brand World”. I must say this book was a real eye-opener to me. Max not only captures the essence of creating buzz, he lives and breathes it through every word. Because of his experience with advanced event marketing, guerrilla marketing and all the other forms in which experiental marketing exists, the book is like a collection of testimonials that are illustrated by tons of similar examples pulled together from all over the world.

The book reads like a train which came in handy because I read it on the train whilst commuting from and to the brandbreeding agency where I temporarily work. I’ve been totally brainwashed and I liked every second of it. Every time the train stopped at my destination, I felt bad because I’d have to wait until the evening to be able to read more. I’ve never actually seen a collection of examples that’s so big and so clearly explained. Really, if you’ve got the time you just got to read this. I learned a lot.

Max points in all directions, stating do’s and don’ts, placing campaigns in and pulling them out of context in a meaningful way. A lot of things became clear to me, stuff that I’ve heard of but never actually knew (until now), campaigns that have been launched recently that are being analyzed to the bone… I liked it a lot. I enjoyed every letter.

“On the surface, buzz and roach marketing have indispensable experiental elements. Word-of-mouth is certainly a one-on-one interaction. Many consumers find it a benefit to know of new product and sites first, and often the imparted information is beneficial also. Buzz marketing is also heavily dependent on new technologies, or a new application for existing ones. The use of blogs for marketing effectiveness, for instance, is a perfect example. And clearly, word-of-mouth is principled on grass-roots activation. These are all hallmarks of successful experiental marketing. Yet without authenticity, the experience is muddied by ethical constraints, and the consumer’s adverse reaction to a blurred and ethical boundary is palpable.”

Order it on Amazon or eBay. You won’t regret it. You’ll feel complete when this book is in your marketing library.

Read Max Lenderman’s blog.

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