How To Get In Touch With Youngsters

03 Nov 2006

Smuggling out corporate secrets isn’t one of my hobbies, but I’ve stolen these words at These Days. The text is printed out and hangs next to the main entrance. Originally it was in Dutch, so I had to juggle a bit to find the right words. I’ve forgotten who the original author is so I can’t really credit anyone. I haven’t invented the words below, but that doesn’t make them less important. It’s true, and I’ll keep this in mind forever. So should you.

Don’t focus on ‘all’ youngsters. Think of some, define a selected target group.
- Limit the use of words and images. Less often is more.

Look them straight in the eyes, don’t yield – don’t blink.
- Give them exactly what they expect in an exclusive atmosphere.

Forget about ‘good taste’, forget about ‘bad taste’. It’s time for MyTaste!
- Seduce them with what they know, surprise them with knowledge.

Put them in the driver’s seat, put them in control.
- Be generous with discounts and communicate about them time and again.

Find exciting links/relations with the youngster’s network.
- Select & program well thought-out, smart & sensible.
- Your errors will not be forgotten.

Experiment with hours.
- Everything is sexy around midnight.
- Launch a date-site, not a data-site.
- One third (1/3) of your budget should go to web promotion.

Claim space on television.
- Test every action & communication method. Then test it again.

Don’t use the names of sub-cultures. You’ll make yourself ridiculous.
- Make sure you have an inventive media mix to play with.
- A website replaces flyers and posters.

Don’t Spam. Not with emails, not with SMS (mobile text messages).
- Invite youngsters to contact you.
- Target the upper section of your audience.
e.g. : ‘I might be 16, but I’d love to be 18′.

Send out a letter through snailmail.
- You often achieve more with less culturally calibrated media.

Stay away from the youngster’s jargon. You’ll make yourself suspicious.
- Switch angles. Turn pages. Start new things.
- Abandon old things at least once a day.

Love, don’t cherish.

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