IDEA 2006 Recap

07 Nov 2006

Too bad I totally missed this… “From leading architect David Rockwell to leading creative Alex Bogusky; from the man who built Second Life to the marketing chief of the very-real-world Starbucks; from a guy who plans and buys media to a guy who expresses himself by making toys. They all came to share their big ideas and pass on their tips for fostering creativity.” And so, here’s a list of 19 items, all of them are pointers and ‘good to know’ thingies. If you want to know the extra words of context, click here.

  • Limitations and small budgets are inspiring
  • Trust your gut—not research
  • Think like a band
  • Approach your consumer from a ‘molecular level’
  • Digitize everything
  • Nostalgia is death
  • Let consumers inside
  • Prototype early
  • Drugs won’t supply your ‘Aha!’ moment
  • Flatten management structure
  • Market to the interested
  • Go for a brand back rub
  • Give consumers some control
  • Turn Advertising Week into a charity push
  • Discourage sleep
  • Don’t be (obviously) big, be brilliant
  • Sit under the table
  • Every day should be independence day
  • All creatives are created equal

Read more on AdCritic, have a laugh with the pictures and see some video footage of Alex Bogusky, Philip Rosedale and David Jones.
Kudos to Appelogen for pointing me to this page.

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