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Sunshine Out Of Your A**

09 Dec 2007

Excuse me for the title, but it is Greenpeace’s latest campaign that actually triggered it. Yes indeed. Not that we should try to switch to human gas to light up the house, but umm in one bizarre way or the other some guys at some agency came up with this plan to link ‘light shining out of one’s behind’ to ‘using energy efficient light bulbs’. Selling this to the customer on its own is a fairly nice accomplishment. It’s daring, down to earth and ok, I agree, the message is clear. I’m just not so sure about the wrapping. Up to you to decide…

Video: Greenpeace

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Japanize Yourself

06 Dec 2007

A fun thing (it’s been aaaages since I posted one of these) to kill some time: what would your name be if it was ‘Japanized’ :)

Thanks for the pointer, Ben


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Pisang Ambon Videoke

06 Dec 2007

In an era where everybody has an untameable urgency to show their skills, where people are looking for new ways to communicate one to another; Check out ClipCaster, the world’s first online Videoke concept (a blend of Video and Karaoke)! It offers you the opportunity to mix top quality sound and webcam images to create your unique, personalized music video! Perfect for a silly nightly activity, solo or with your friends. And… show the world You’re On. Send your recorded music videos to friends by e-mail, or as a personal online message. You may even become the star of the day, have your music video featured on the homepage (ask your friends to vote!) and reach an audience of millions!

This online innovation comes with courtesy of Pisang Ambon, the delicious banana drink that has been popular for more than 50 years. Research shows that the Pisang Ambon main fans – aged between 18 and 25 – are online for an average of 4 hours a day. Rather than develop a traditional campaign with classic advertising (to which they would be largely indifferent), ClipCaster represents a major step forward in the constantly developing world of new media, internet, and video. Pisang Ambon and ClipCaster will be putting performers in the spotlight from November 2007. The platform will be launched in 12 European countries: the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Agency: BrandBase, The Netherlands
Thanks, Etiënne

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NetCamp Romania

03 Dec 2007

On December 5th I’m invited to join a panel of very respectable people on a conference in Romania. I assume you too are wondering how I got in there, but hey :) Anyone who’s in that area, feel free to ping me.

Netcamp is a premier event featuring a series of presentations and discussions about the global world of internet – its implications, opportunities and risks. We witness a new and interesting context as the online medium offers us more choices, an increasingly personalized living and even more interesting business opportunities. We are just discovering a new world ahead of us – join us for an interesting journey in exploring and learning about ideas, practices, people and trends!

NetCamp is the first event in Romania aiming to explore the new business context and opportunities that we are facing within the internet landscape. My keynote will be called: The Internet Reality Check. I’ll post the powerpoint as soon as I’m back.


This context involves new applications, new consumer behaviors and expectations, new business opportunities and new infrastructure needs – a whole new set of variables opening a new paradigm.


The event will cover different principles related to internet, business development and marketing such as:
• User generated content
• The social web
• Communities
• New economic models
• Blogs and wikis
• New media
• Measurability – audience, traffic, return on investment
• Challenges & Issues
• Best Practice

UPDATE: Presentation Online:

Download File

Note: The word FRAM, as used in the presentation, is a term that was coined to me by my colleague Kris, and it means: FRiend spAM.

Note: Even though you can do great stuff with it, I’m no fan of PowerPoints because they make you stick to a structure too much. The keynote was 45 minutes, and a lot more has been said than listed in the presentation. I’ll publish the recording, or link to it, as soon as the NetCamp folks put it online :)

UPDATE 2: Video Impression and ‘Aftertalk’ are online at MicroMiel


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Tarantino Guerrilla

03 Dec 2007

Although it might seem a bit horrific to some, it is the utter example of coolness to others: cinema lovers in Amsterdam got quite a scare when they saw a severed arm promoting a DVD laying in front of Tuschinski, one of the biggest local cinemas. In fact, movie lovers all over the Netherlands might find a bloody limb in front of their local cinema. The arms promote the DVD release of the latest Quentin Tarantino flick ‘Death Proof’ in which a severed limb or two can be expected. Nachos, anyone?

Tarantino DVD promo

Agency: New Message
Creatives: Lennart Wienecke, Hugo Rütter
Production/FX: UNREAL
Account: Catherine Dijkstra, Jan Has
Client: Stefan Agus, Roos Schregardus, Fulko Kuindersma (A-Film)

Thanks, Catherine


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Anti Drug Campaign

03 Dec 2007

Waaaay better than a fine polished campaign that warns you of the consequences of drugs use during your night out, waaay better than a list of things that might happen and incredibly more powerful than a pointing finger or the Eye of God staring at you from a silly triangle with a message below it in the sense of ‘thy shallt not get stoned’… This image will appeal youngsters, it will show them how ugly they look and how it will definitely make some people realize this is NOT how they want to look like. I have no idea who came up with this or what it was used for, but if you put this in a toilet in a club, or even at the entrance, I think it will have an effect on many drugaholics.


Thanks, Dave


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Consumers With A Voice

03 Dec 2007

I got this hilarious picture in my email (thanks Arns) which is a pretty cool example of what happens if you have a bad campaign and leave the window open for customer feedback. I mean seriously :) No driver likes it when cops are doing speed checks, and yes I know it is necessary but that is not the point in this discussion so put that thought aside for a second. In this example, the advertizer asks a question, and they give the consumer a large white space to answer that. No wonder some frustrated soul or practical joker gladly takes the opportunity to express his opinion. And then, yeah, this is what you get.


Comes to show: never give your audience a box of rocks if you live in a glass house.

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Absolut PinkEye

03 Dec 2007

A while ago, I posted something about PinkEye, a supercool design agency. I went back to their site today to check out the new design and I stumbled upon these really classy things they did for Absolut. This is THE example of how a good team can add up to the image of a brand. Creative madness, coming up!

First stop: some beautiful monumental chrome chandeliers. The fiberglass guides the light from the ceiling to the tubetips.

Absolut PinkEye 1

Next stop: these life sized Absolut bottle shaped lightbulbs will brighten up your club/bar in a unique and very stylish way. A trendy and original way to integrate the brand in a loungy decor.

Absolut PinkEye 2

Lastly: with the theme of the Absolut bottle appearing and disappearing in a non-intrusive way, these rotating platters seem a random collection of sparkling glass sticks, until they hit your eye at exactly the right angle and you see the bottle shape form out of thin air.

Absolut PinkEye 3

If you haven’t done so already, check out the PinkEye website and give their catalog a go. These guys genuinely kick ass. If you have a brand that needs to be represented in a cool and unique way, no doubt this is the path to choose.

Link: PinkEye site
Thanks, Thomas

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