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03 Dec 2007

A while ago, I posted something about PinkEye, a supercool design agency. I went back to their site today to check out the new design and I stumbled upon these really classy things they did for Absolut. This is THE example of how a good team can add up to the image of a brand. Creative madness, coming up!

First stop: some beautiful monumental chrome chandeliers. The fiberglass guides the light from the ceiling to the tubetips.

Absolut PinkEye 1

Next stop: these life sized Absolut bottle shaped lightbulbs will brighten up your club/bar in a unique and very stylish way. A trendy and original way to integrate the brand in a loungy decor.

Absolut PinkEye 2

Lastly: with the theme of the Absolut bottle appearing and disappearing in a non-intrusive way, these rotating platters seem a random collection of sparkling glass sticks, until they hit your eye at exactly the right angle and you see the bottle shape form out of thin air.

Absolut PinkEye 3

If you haven’t done so already, check out the PinkEye website and give their catalog a go. These guys genuinely kick ass. If you have a brand that needs to be represented in a cool and unique way, no doubt this is the path to choose.

Link: PinkEye site
Thanks, Thomas

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