Extreme Blending

03 Nov 2006

I’m not the kind of guy that bothers to check the strength of a blending machine, and I’m not concerned about how tough the blender is. I’ve got a blender at home to make my shakes and I’m quite satisified of it, although it seems that I’m missing out on so much fun when I see what you can do with The Total Blender. Agreed, must of the fun part is filed under the “don’t try this at home” section, but still. It made me wonder. What I want to point out with this rather off-topic post is the following idea: even for the most regular product, you can create something viral, as long as you make it crazy enough. The videos are short and spicy and the young boy inside me wanted to see them all and see what would happen. It’s that fatal attraction to the topic which every boy has: would it break if I do this or that? Can I put it in a blender? Obviously, the main audience buying blenders is ‘housewives’ in general. And the clips are most likely not as appealing to them as they are to adventurous young boys… but this provides me with a bechmark: next time I go out to buy a blender, I’ll ask the salesman “sure it looks nice, but can it blend 50 marbles?”

Will It Blend?

Check out Will it Blend?


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