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Eastpak Horror (2)

24 Oct

So, looks like Eastpak was really satisfied with the last horror campaign and they’ve apparently ordered a new one at the same agency. I really like this brand, I’ve seen it emerge and I’ve got my share of products of it. Eastpak is a cool brand, without any doubt, but I have some remarks about the way the product is positioned by using zombies and or the living dead. I guess it’s trendy and it should appeal, but to be honest… it doesn’t appeal to me. It was funny the first time I saw it, but I checked with a few people I know and none of them actually liked the images. Maybe we’re all too old? If it wasn’t because of Halloween, I’d say it’s time for a new concept.

Client: VF Europe/Eastpak
Agency: Satisfaction
Account Team: Olivia Israël, Samantha Hendlisz
Creative Director: John Israël
Creation: John Israël
Art Director: Anthony Collard
Art Buyer: Anthonny Collard
Photographer: John Israël
Retouching: The Living Room
Media: Magazines, POS

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Eastpak Horror

11 Jul

A Belgian agency I hadn’t really heard that much of (shame on me) came up with some very decent and horrific images for their client ‘Eastpak’. Although the images do not represent a clear link to either the product or the target audience, one might assume that a certain state of cultness is on its place here, given the fact the Eastpak has been doing some pretty weird stuff before. In order of appearance:

1. Cracks
2. Cahos
3. Authentic
4. Breakaway
5. Resistance
6. Campus
7. Zombie Male
8. Zombie Female

Eastpak 1

Eastpak 2

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