23 May 2007

I bumped into an airplane spotters site ( and I saw that Belgian artist/genius Kamagurka has his own branded plane called Kamagurka Hairlines (for Thomas Cook). That’s so cool of Thomas Cook to endorse a Belgian artist in this way, and I just wanted to post it here. Then I’ve been looking around a little on the website and I saw some other pretty dressed-up airplanes. Although it only works when the planes are docked or when they’re landing or taking off, there’s some pretty impressive budgets linked to this form of advertising. I guess that it might work when people are staring out of the terminal window and your plane is the eye-catcher of the tarmac.

Planes 1

Planes 2

Planes 3

Planes 4

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  1. Elke

    May 24, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    More planevertising:
    Nationwide (insurance) also owns a ‘branded’ airplane.
    But not only the outside of the plane carries a brand. Inside the plane trays, headrests and toiletdoors will get ‘branded’. Goal is to make the flight “a complete brand experience for passengers”