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21 Aug 2005

The first week of the exams is behind me, and I think I did well enough to pass all four I got signed up for. I could’ve done better – no doubt and as usual – but we’ll see. Looking back to something you just did, there’s always things you should’ve-could’ve-would’ve had done differently. Regular posting seems to have been postponed to the 17th of september, because my beautiful girlfriend’s planning a vacation to some funky tropical resort in the first week. The only thing I asked for is : a beach, a hammock and cocktails with little straw hats. Then when I get back, I’ve got to participate in a teambuilding weekend from the 13th ’til the 16th. So… I’ll keep linking stuff for as much as I can during the next two weeks of letter-eating, knowledge-digesting study, but I’ll stop when I get on the plane. As for today, there’s two cool pics I’d like to share and I’ve cleaned out my Juice Reader and selected the best articles and leads. Here goes :


There’s a blog where I read this as a suggestion, but I’ve forgotten what the blog’s name was. But I liked the idea and I claim no credits to this joke. (Left in the copyright too) If I find it again, I’ll link to it, if you find me first, mister suggestor, please let me know so I can credit you.

This one’s from [ExperienceTheMessage], one of the coolest blogs I’ve found lately. I’ll have to link it up, but I’m still checking it out. For now, this guy’s totally ok ! Check it out for yourself, and be up to date with what lives in experiental marketing.


Isn’t this a cool plan to keep them from hassling your customers? If they’re there, why not let them work for you? *** Although I must say this guy’s selling out everything punk stands for.

Quote : “I hope not to make an asinine comparison, but this difference can be analogous to marketing practices here and there, to the rich and to the poor. The poor work harder, and so do the marketers trying to reach them.” [ExperienceTheMessage]

This last quote brings me to my next lead, with thanx to Martin from [Movil]

[ABC News] covered a story about Ben Rogovy, a 22-year-old University of Washington graduate, who says the homeless and panhandlers are an untapped labor force, and he’s putting them to work.

“A budding Seattle entrepreneur looking for a low-cost marketing campaign says he’s found an inexpensive and highly visible tool to publicize his Web site — he calls it “bum-vertizing.”

From the Juice Reader :

* “During the first six months of 2005, more than 50 million identities were lost or stolen in a series of high-profile data breaches across the United States. Thanks to search engines, many can be easily found.” [More...]

* “IO2 Technology launched a display which projects video images onto thin air, ”
You got to to see this, if they manage to get it back online. [More...]

* [IT Conversations] had Scoble over for a chat. Good thing to listen to. Thanx [Hans].

* “using Interactiv’s Java-based JOCA app, ‘mobile phone users are able to screen the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia within a few seconds’,” says [MobHappy].

* “Imagine watching a football match on a TV that not only shows the players in three dimensions but also lets you experience the smells of the stadium and maybe even pat a goalscorer on the back.” [More...] – 3D-TV is about to arrive.
Tune in today! It’s only a decade away.

* “SBC Communications has chosen Motorola and Scientific-Atlanta set-top boxes for the company’s upcoming Internet TV service.” [More...]

* “8×8 inc, that provides the Packet 8 broadband Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and videophone communications service has launched an interactive online community.”

* An all time high of 83.9 million domain names has been reached, according to Verisign.

* Check out MobilCast by Melodeo : ” Mobilcast simplifies the process of finding and listening to Podcasts. Mobilcast lets you download Podcasts to your mobile phone, over the air. With a few simple steps you will be listening to Podcasts when you want, on the one device you carry with you every day-your mobile phone.”

* Adobe blogs - and they’re doing it great.

* I got e-interviewed by Randy for the iBLOGthere4iM-blog. Cool.

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