Changing Plans & Links For August 28th

28 Aug 2005

Okay, change of plans. Seems I won’t be leaving on september the 1st, since I’ve got to collect my results on the 9th. We’ll be leaving the 10th or 11th as a logical consequence, because I really need to have a vacation with my girlfriend. I’ve been studying all summer so we couldn’t really ‘go away’ and ‘tune out’ for a couple of days. She’s been working a lot too, and we both definitely need the time off together before we start another year of studying.

That said, I’m sort of skipping the team-building weekend they planned over at the college. Seems I’ll be investing in personal relationships instead of building up a relationship with my new class. Hey, new class : it’s not that I don’t like you guys, but I really need to do this. Same goes for the teachers. I’ll see you when I get back, and then I’ll be there for a 110%.

I just need to see a few sunsets, have some cocktails with little straw hats at the seaside with my girl and ride a donkey.

This item recently made it to my wish list :

Konica Minolta’s new DiMAGE Z6
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There’s four more exams coming up, so I’ve got some more studying to do. I’m off !

Interesting stuff I’ve recently read and think you should read too :


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