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The GenPets

13 Jun 2006

Looking for a new pet? Try this: Genpets are living, breathing mammals. Bio-Genica is a Bio-engineering Company that has combined, and modified existing DNA to create the Genpets lineup. Genpets are flesh and blood just like any other animal. How do Genpets stay alive in the packages? While the Genpets™ hang on retail shelves they are in a chemically induced type of hibernation controlled by a protein in the packages’ nutrient supply tubes. This was a natural trait found in many seasonal animals that would normally hibernate in colder northern climates that has been added to the Genpet line. This also ensures comfort for the Genpets™ while they are on store shelves.


Meet the Genpets | Thanks, Ben


YouTube Mobile

11 May 2006

YouTube is going mobile, saying you can now upload videos to YouTube from your phone or PDA. User generated mobile audiovisual content is becoming quite big, even in Belgium where there’s going to be an actual Mobile Film Festival. One thing I wonder about is how long it’s going to take, and even more: how much it will cost you to upload a video of let’s say 2 minutes. I know for sure that in Belgium you won’t have to try it because it’ll take way too much time to make a connection and keep it alive as long as the upload is going. What’s going to happen if you walk around and you’re being switched from one antenna to the other? Will it reset the data transmission or will it reconnect and continue to transmit, and what will the effect be on the video you send? We’ll see, once YouTube expands the agreements they make with mobile carriers. For now it isn’t possible for Belgium, yet.

YouTube Mobile

It’s a bit weird to actually have your users create two different profiles I think. On the one hand it’ll generate truly dedicated users, on the other hand it’s not really user-friendly. Perhaps that’ll change too in the future. It’s the first time I hear about creating a new profile for mobile content for a service you’re already using. Suppose Hotmail or Yahoo would do that too… you’ll lose your overview and the data would become unmanagable, unless you can merge the data afterwards, but that would make it needlessly complicated.

You can now upload videos directly from your phone or PDA to YouTube. All you need is a mobile device that can take video and send MMS messages, and an Internet access or data plan from your service provider. We currently support uploads from Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

To get started, click on “Create Mobile Profile.” Login, or create an account if you don’t already have one. Once you’re logged in, you’ll create a mobile profile to set up the default information for your videos, and then our system will generate the email address where you should send them. This address will be unique to you and your profile, and you can have up to two profiles.

And what about downloading videos to your mobile device? Are the videos going to be ’slimmed’? YouTube doesn’t say anything about that (yet). It would also recquire your mobile device to have a recent Flash player and I can imagine that it might take a while for some videos to be downloaded. Nice move though. If the networks can support the traffic and can offer a smooth and continuous service, I think YouTube might have another boom in content. Citizen Journalism has been taken to the next level, let’s hope it generates some usable content.

On a sidenote, a project called YouTubeTalk (not affiliated with YouTube) is gaining momentum. It looks like an ordinary community forum that adds to the comment function of YouTube. All links from their homepage go directly to YouTube. In 10 days (it launched on May 1st) they gathered 1239 Posts in 118 Topics by 132 Members. Not bad, but I don’t think it’s that useful.


Mercenary Freelancer On eBay

11 May 2006

Latest trend is to sell yourself on eBay to the highest bidder. Very recently a guy sold his sister’s pores to get sponsorship for her 18th birthday party. Now a freelance copywriter is doing it even better by selling his services for three days. Anyone in need for some creative talent? Here’s an example of some work he did, 10 more examples on eBay, most of them in Dutch but a keen one for Jeep is in English.

Greasy Hair?

Greasy Hair 2

Copy: “Got Greasy Hair? Discover the new Head&Shoulders Citrus Fresh. A cool breeze through your hair.”

“I became a freelance copywriter, after working 4 years at Publicis and 5 years at Germaine. Since a freelance is like a mercenary, I decided to launch myself via E-bay. I’ll work three days for the highest bidder.”

Check it out on eBay


Interactive Billboards

09 May 2006

Textually reports on a new trend in France that’s about to kick in very soon:

Sometime in the next few weeks, French billboards will be able to speak to your mobile phone – but only with your permission . The IHT reports.

"People with certain kinds of phones who download a special software program and say they want to participate will receive digital advertising – when the phone is near the billboards. [...]

Advertisements most common on mobile phones now are self- promotional text messages sent by phone companies to subscribers. The difference with the new project is that consumers consent to receive alerts about digital advertising as they move through the city"

Kameleon Technologies is taking the lead with the smart tag networks for billboards, cinemas and stores. Visit the site and see the Flash animation for more details about this new trend.

Smart Tag Ads

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MobMov Guerrilla Drive-In

21 Apr 2006

The name MobMov contains far more significance than simply being short for “Mobile Movie”. Mob: much like Flashmob and similar movements, the MobMov is organized over the internet, appears for a short time in a random location, and disappears just as quickly as it came.


The MobMov has a DIY manifesto online where you can learn how to build your own MobMov.

A “mobile movie” or mobmov for short, is quite simply a drive-in that drives-in. Participating in a mobmov is very similar to attending a drive-in from the days of old, except now the projector is located inside and powered by a car, and the audio is piped in stereo over the FM band to the attendees’ cars. As a mobmov driver, you assemble the kit, decide on the movies, and announce your showings to friends and the community at large. Then everyone assembles in a dark place with a big wall, and you watch a movie. It’s a new technological twist to a nostalgic idea.

Check out MobMov | via SpringWise


Disney Tracks Your Kids

05 Apr 2006

Next to marketing the kids, Disney has put its focus on localizing them too. Now parents will be able to see where their kids are, who they’ve been talking to and for how long. Using this technology in reverse, parents can now text/call their children with the following message: “I know you’re going to pass the ‘x’ supermarket in 15 seconds, bring home some milk, or you won’t have any in the morning.” – The Disney alert system could then be used to inform kids about stores in the nearby neighborhood and about lovely new toys that are for sale there. “Your mom would surely be pleased if you bring this new movie home that’s for sale in our store a block away from where you’re now.” (that last bit isn’t true yet)

Disney is launching a US service that will enable parents to monitor how their children use their mobile phones. They will be able to track voice, text, video and picture messages and set limits on their children’s calls.

The phone will also allow parents to locate where their children are via a global positioning system.

Disney is targeting 20 to 30 million children with the new service. While the US mobile phone market is well established with 70% of the population already owning a phone, this figure is lower among teenagers.

About 45% to 50% of 13 year olds have a mobile phone, according to technology analysts Jupiter Research.

The new phones for parents, which will be sold over the internet, are expected to be available from June.

Disney has not yet revealed what it will charge for this service, but monthly fees from other providers are as little as $10 per month for each new family member.

Source: BBC News


POPURLS Global Buzz

05 Apr 2006

This tool lists the most popular urls to the latest web buzz. It searches digg, and furl for user input, it lists 18 pics from Flickr, tracks reddit, tailrank and slashdot, loads 12 YouTube movies and on top of that crawls newssites like Google News, Yahoo News and Newsvine. If you think that’s cool, just wait. It doesn’t stop here. Nowpublic and spurl are added too and the yourpop feature allows you to tell the world if you got a gripping story that didn’t make it on the frontpage of other sites.


Customizing this candy is easy, just follow the buttons in the top right corner. you can switch to a white background, switch to bigger text, close the media feeds and open a search form. To make you very happy, there’s a button that lets you switch to ‘buzzmania mode’ which in fact equals pleasure overload. 3 times the buzz, on the same page.

Check out | via MicroPersuasion


Motionbox, The Video Flickr

04 Apr 2006

Yeah, there was a time when we called YouTube the Video Flickr, but now it seems another company is going to be the true heir to this throne. Motionbox, which will launch in the next few weeks, is everything YouTube isn’t. Motionbox has a ton of really great editing, mashup and deep tagging features. Like YouTube, Motionbox transcodes files to Adobe Flash to reduce file size and standardize viewing. Next to this, they also store the original files and allow you or those you authorize to download those files and/or purchase DVDs with the files.


Read a lot more about it at TechCrunch | Pre-Subscribe to Motionbox