Police Museum

03 Dec 2008


I like this campaign for the Vancouver Police Museum. Especially because I recognize myself in it and recognition is always a guarantee for success: in music, in movies and also in advertising.

When I drive home from the movie theatre, after seeing a movie with lots of fast car chases, you can bet on it I’ll put my pedal to the metal: full throttle all the way home! That feeling is just what advertising agency Cossette West tries to put in these ads and in my opinion they surely succeed in it.


This second one from a series of 3 print ads is less powerful I think; It doesn’t look natural and it’s not spontaneous enough.

And here’s number 3. This one suffers a bit from the same disease:


source: adsoftheworld

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  1. Bloggy Rob Blogland

    December 8, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Ok I get the last 2 but what’s the first pic about with the cup on top of the car?

    The police like to put cups on top of the car for the hell of it?