Nostalgic Deluxe Talkboy

08 Jan 2008

Mmm. This one made me think about the old days. Where is the time when kids didn’t need a PS3 with 60 games to entertain theirselves? Where is the time when audio cassettes still did the trick? Observe the various implementations of this deluxe device Tiger once released, and think back to the endless days of super-spy-fun you once had. Fun for hours, unlimited rewind/rewrite functions… OMG. I feel sooooo old when I see this stuff flash by again. I think the clip is from 1995, but it seems almost like it’s from the 80s. Waaaaay back in the days.

Video: Tiger Deluxe TalkBoy

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  1. Leonard

    January 25, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    WOW! I had a Deluxe Talkboy. I haven’t thought about this thing in over 10 years. I got this when I was like 7 and was just introduced to cursing. Not being smart I brought it to school and bunch of guys started to use it to express things we had no clue what we talking about to the female classmates….as it would turn out. The Principal had it by the end of the day and about 30 parents were in the office lol Those were the days.