Sexual Confusion

11 Dec 2007

T-post is a wearable magazine. Subscribing to T-post is a lot like having a subscription to a magazine but instead of receiving magazines in your mailbox, you receive T-shirts. As a subscriber you receive a new t-shirt every six weeks based on a current news item. The topic is interpreted by select designers and the written story printed on the inside.

“What’s fascinating about T-post is the interaction. Nobody asks you about the article you just read in the bathroom. But if you’re wearing an issue of T-post, people tend to ask what it’s about. The next thing you know, you’re talking about the ethical treatment of robots or some bank robbers in Brazil who got away with 45 million bucks, you’re forming your own opinion, getting someone else to think about the topic, and it just keeps going. That’s what’s magic about this media, it gives everyone a chance to interpret a news story and communicate it in their own way.” said Peter Lundgren Editor-in-Chief at T-Post.

This is yet another superb idea, to convert people into living billboards. If you find people ready to do this, then I guess there is some sort of market for it. But I’m also guessing it would be limited to some sort of countries/seasons. I mean, looking at Belgium… how many months are there in a year in which you are ‘just’ wearing a t-shirt, and not a pull-over too. I’m thinking, june-july-august and maybe september too. All the other months… I’ll be dressed with a little more than a t-shirt (apart from shoes and pants, obviously). That said, it’s weird to see this sort of innovative trend come over from Sweden, since I assume it is even colder there than it is here. Still a good idea though. Could appeal very well to fashionistas.

Here is their latest issue: Sexual Confusion by FormaFantasma

Sexual Confusion

Capture quote:

It all started out as an experiment, a fun project amongst friends, but as of today we have 2500 subscribers from over 45 countries. We don’t think a bunch of T-shirts are going to save the world. We just want to get people talking and see what happens after that.

Feel like you’re up to it? Subscribe here, at T-Post. A subscription is 26 EUR per T-shirt, and can be delivered anywhere in the world. All shipping costs are included in that price.

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