Curb Art

11 Jul 2007

I’ve had a few pictures floating around for a while about 3D art in the streets that was used for commercial purposes, and I’m really quite ‘pro’ this form of advertisement because it often makes a large grey surface come to life and it really captures the attention of the passers-by. I didn’t really know if I should post them here, but then I came across this very super cool ‘making of’ clip for a brand of skin products called Aveeno. Their tagline ‘positively ageless’ inspired this artist to come up with a drawing of the fountain of youth, a mythical object that’s been searched for throughout centuries but it was never found. Below the movie I’ll add the other examples of curb art for different types of brands. Hopefully more people turn to this form of ‘ad-art’ because personally I’m pretty certain it’s a very good eye catcher.

Video: Fountain Of Youth

Curb Art 1

Curb Art 2

Curb Art 3

Curb Art 4


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  2. Uw Moeder

    July 13, 2007 at 10:00 am

    The guy in the video is Julian “Pavement Picasso” Beever. Check his website here:
    Apparently he’s a British Belgian-based artist:

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