08 May 2007

Yey. I’ve been to Las Vegas last week and I’ve had an awesome time! I actually won quite some money with blackjack and I got to pretend being a lucky winner. I’ve always wanted to be a lucky winner :-) It was soooo cool sitting at the table for six hours in a row and walking away with at least three times the money you started with. I’m sorry for the lack of updates, but I needed to work myself through a huge pile of email when I got back, I needed to finish two websites for an equal amount of friends, and I had a jetlag from here to Tokyo. That said, I’ve been uploading a stack of images to Flickr, and I’ll post them below so you can have a quick glance. I’ll be back on track as of today. Thanks for reading.

Some pictures were taken with the Nokia N95, a device I have received recently to test it out. I really like the quality of the images and the 5+ megapixels really delivered great quality, for sure, but uploading the snapshots to Flickr through the web browser was really time-consuming. I probably should plug in a USB cable and get the pics to the laptop to upload them in batch, but since I was on the move in Vegas and depending on wireless for the phone I had to do it like that. I do have to say that the wireless connects very easily for the Nokia N95, and that the uploading, once you’ve navigated to the right folder, was very fast. It does consume a lot of battery power though, but hey, it looks cool and it works great. I’ll tell you more about my mobile experience later.

First suggestions for Nokia:

  • Have the phone remember the location of the images, it saves about 4 clicks I think, per image (+ moving the cursor to the right link every time). The images are stored on a micro SD card, so navigating to that time and again… that’s just way too hard.
  • Need more battery power, for real
  • Have the phone remember password settings in the browser. If you have a strong password like $TR0ngPaSSw0rd!, typing it again and again every time your wireless connection drops… Awch
  • Need more battery power, for real
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  1. ::metamike::

    May 8, 2007 at 4:14 pm

    wow. las vegas, i was there the last january… really a crazy place.

    donĀ“t forget to visit the body english pub at the hard rock casino hotel…. i never see something like that.

    take care… and collect all the street girl-cards