Moved To eBay

07 Jul 2006

This guerrilla from Mortierbrigade, one kick-ass Belgian advertising agency, has been executed a while ago. I saw the stickers on the shopping windows myself, but back then I didn’t had a camera to take some pictures. Every time I walked by them I kept saying: I’ll have to take some pictures, this is so cool. And every time I could slap myself on the head because I didn’t bring the camera, again. Then I lost track and didn’t see them anymore. Recently in Cannes the campaign got awarded with a bronze lion for ‘Outdoor’. That lion has been sold on eBay, as I’ve blogged earlier. Perhaps the guys from FarFar should have bought the lion and paint it gold. That would have solved their problem.

Moved To eBay

Category: Point of Purchase Posters
Title: Moved To eBay
Advertiser: eBay
Product or Service: Online Auction
Advertising Agency, City: Mortierbrigade, Brussels
Country: Belgium
Creative Directors: Jens Mortier/Joost Berends/Philippe Deceuster
Copywriter: Joost Berends
Art Director: Philippe Deceuster
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Adriaan Walpot

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